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  1. Creo que no nos hemos entendido, no puedo elogiarles o criticarles por los entrenamientos, no puedo hablar con ellos cuando piden un nuevo contrato, no me refiero a las charlas prepartido... ahí no tengo problema Ves, no puedo hablar con el de nada. En cuanto tenga las notas del entrenamiento te mostraré como no puedo decirles nada.
  2. It happens with all my players. I can't send my game, it has too much MB. What can i do?
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem with my FM20 game. When a player wants a contract or something like that I can't talk yo him. The same happens with any other situation. I saw also that there are no interactions avaliable to see in any player's profile.I'd like to know if this has happened to someone or if someone knows how to fix it. Thanks and sorry for my English, I'm spanish.
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