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  1. Spotted one minor thing. Cintra Park Rangers should be Cintra Park Rovers! BIG change!
  2. Great work mate! I had started with the level 17 one but may just have to start again! There is one more cup to mention, Berks & Bucks Cup. It’s an odd one as it includes Reading, Maidenhead, MK Dons and Slough Town (mainly youth teams)
  3. Nice! Did you manage to fix the fixture errors you found then?
  4. Great stuff Dan. I think you said that was the last big tier? Hopefully it’ll get easier from now. Thank for putting in the TVPL also!
  5. If a club offers your player a contract then just offer them a new one at the same time. Most of the time they’ll stay with you (unless they’re unhappy or actual wages being offered by then other team!)
  6. Looking forward to a new challenge when done. If you are able to put in the Thames Valley Football League (5 divisions, under Hellenic) that would be great but appreciate you've got a lot on already.
  7. Going to have a crack at this. Was doing Messi's World Challenge but will have a short break to try this. Got two questions - Does anyone know of a really simple way of updating the Fairwarp Logo? Am tempted to add some of my local leagues (Thames Valley Premier Football League) but have no idea how to even start this in the editor. Anyone know of any good links for a noob?
  8. Had the dreaded corrupt save, on all 3 of my backups too Have decided to restart (with Claasens updated file) and try out the leagues i missed on the way up. Got a job with Mantansa in the Northern Mariana Division 2. Lionel Messi, feel free to delete my score and i'll work my way back up!
  9. Done the treble in Mayotte! Going to stick around for another season and have a crack at the famous Indian Ocean Champions Cup. |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Country |Club |Competitions Won | Year Won |Points Gained| |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Micronesia |Outer Islands |Yap Games | 2017 |
  10. Moved to Mayotte as AS Jumeaux manager, arrived too late to affect the league but won the Mayotte Cup! |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Country |Club |Competitions Won | Year Won |Points Gained| |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Micronesia |Outer Islands |Yap Games | 2017 | 1 | |
  11. |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Country |Club |Competitions Won | Year Won |Points Gained| |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Micronesia |Outer Islands |Yap Games | 2017 | 1 | | | |YFA Island Wide League | 2017 | 1 | |---------
  12. Crimean double completed! Have resigned as it stopped me getting the AS Rosador job in Mayotte. Even though I didn't have a release clause. AS Rosador got someone else anyway It's the waiting game for me... |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------| |Country |Club |Competitions Won | Year Won |Points Gained| |-----------------------|--------------------------|------------------------------------|-------------|-----------
  13. Won the Kiribatian National Championship! Off to Crimea next, they're currently halfway through the season and my new employers are bottom of the Premier League.
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