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  1. How much did he set you back? I've also bought Chris wood in on loan, as well as Lee Yeung-Pyo and Tom Cairney for a couple of million £'s each.. Oh, I also signed Kakuta on loan for 3 months, he came on at half time for me against Wrexham (pre-season) and scored a 35 yard rocket after about 30 seconds of being on the pitch!
  2. All good signings ...Whittingham has went on to score 9 goals in 13 games in the league. Not bad for a midfielder!
  3. So, we've all played at least a few games on the FM, but what your best signing been so far? Maybe a good player on a free-contract? A cheap 'nobody' who has lit up your league? Or maybe a star quality player living up to his reputation? Starting as Leicester (my club), I wanted to sign a quality attacking midfielder for little to no money.. I approached Peter Whittingham and offered Cardiff £1.9million for his services which they duly accepted. First match - a pre-season game against Hinckley, which we won 7-1 (Whittingham scored 4 and missed a penalty!) I think you will agree, a great signing at first sight.. Your turn.. P.S. Absolutely LOVING FM11 so far, congrats SI!
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