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    Remove Profile Picture *All Players Real/Regen & Staff*

    Thank you very much
  2. Hello, I was hoping that someone could advise me on how I would go about removing the staff/player profile picture altogether for all real and regen people? Reason being is although there are some fantastic player face packs out there, they are no good for immersion if the players still look 16 when they are 36 and worse the regens are the most uggo goblins I have ever seen. Many thanks.
  3. Oh wow, that really got my hopes up as it looked to be exactly what I was looking for; unfortunately this doesn't seem to be something easily resolved. I'll need to start a new game with some colours changed to see if they work, but for my current save the in-game editor doesn't seem to be "speaking" correctly to whatever code in the game changes the kit colours to specific RGB values. Again thanks for your time on this, its appreciated. If I mess about based on your advice and get it to play nice I'll post exactly which part I followed and what the issue is for anyone else who might have the same issue.
  4. @D_LO_; wow thanks mate, thats a lot of experimenting to do, much appreciated. Im going to make an uneducated guess at it being to do with the saturation, as I've tried a couple of custom skins where the colours (title bar) did look more rich. It just bothered me that either using the data editor (and starting a new save) or using the in-game editor failed to match up against what I was selecting as the RGB values. If you have the in-game editor you will see whatI am talking about if for example you try and change Roma's kist to a darker red; it appears as though there are a limited number of colours the game represents for some reason. Anyway, thanks again I will have a mess about.
  5. @D_LO_ Hi, thanks for the info again, but using the block coloured reg .png's throws the RGB values off for the title bar colour of other teams (i.e. doesn't match the editor). I have tried changing the opacity of these images to 0 as well as change them to match the grey colour of the dark skin background. Can you advise on how I could get the title bar to be a solid block colour displaying the correct RBG values corresponding to each team? You will see in the screens I pasted below; Cagliari (squad screen) has a washed out blue which makes the red hard to read, whereas the Scouting screen showing Marco Sau the Cagliari colours are what I have set them to using the editor. My goal is to achieve the title bar matching the exact RGB values set out in the data editor *From looking at someone elses skin, I think I need the Generic Folder with the titlebar XML Many thanks
  6. @D_LO_ Just had to sign up to these forums to DL your interface file; wanted to just say thanks as this is exactly what I was looking for.