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  1. holy shieet! what argus u used? u got a link for it? i found like billion argus tacts.. @knap
  2. ive srsly tried almoast everything.. pisses me the f off lol.. if u have any tips and tricks please tell me. cause i really dont know what the **** to do @knap here is my save if u want to check it out. https://ufile.io/qxjol
  3. @knap Anchor worked for one match. the other ones dosent.. now ive tryed against Besiktas 15 times link me a tac please darling
  4. @knap Im playing ROSENBORG in norwegian Eliteserie. And im getting ****ing destroyed in the Champions cup... Ive tryed so many tactics and nothing works..... PLS help! im top Underdog team.. lmao
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