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  1. Well there's your job value... The lower your wage is the less it costs for them to sack you.
  2. Please remove the negative effect when you skip a full-time team talk. Having players demotivated because you choose to talk to them individually is stupid.
  3. Specific types of assist (and free kick goals) from specific player.
  4. Looks like they've updated it with fm18 tactics now.
  5. Anyone knows where I can find the list of my players who assisted from crosses/corners or scored from free kicks? All I can find is the overall team statistic.
  6. I just say that they still have plenty of time left in their contract. Works every time.
  7. Oh sweet, that's exactly what I'm looking for, thanks.
  8. Is there any way I can see the min/max/average wage for players in division other than looking at the entire players list?
  9. I generally always use the "don't get complacent" team talks when we're winning by 2 goals or less (both half and full-time) and almost never use the "delighted" talk for the whole team (unless we won against much bigger club) and be disappointed with draws even when we're huge underdog. It might have little to no effect (or even a couple of demotivated players) if you're a new manager but as time goes by almost everyone seem to react positively to it. Now most of my players never get complacent/uninterested even when we're the favorite unless it's a second leg cup match when we're leading by large margin. Sub or not. Also using the "delighted" talk for exceptional individuals after the match will make them "motivated and inspired". Not sure what that means _exactly_ but it can only be good. Most of my players have professional or fairly professional personality with more than 10 determination tho. None of them have noticeable bad personality like unambitious/casual/slack.
  10. You can also do it by using the in-game editor and changing the home kit text background color. That's how I did it.
  11. Oh alright. I thought it was related to youth level too at first but then there are a few clubs with same youth level as mine getting invited. Hopefully I'll get invited when I increase the youth level.
  12. Topic. Using Gloucester and it's the beginning of 3rd season. Didn't get one for 2nd season too. How do I get invited?
  13. It was always 200k and I wasn't the one who changed it. Besides the automatic acceptance shouldn't have happened when I set to reject all offers below the asking price. Probably should've kept the save file.
  14. There's a hidden paramater for it. Like personality. It doesn't increase/decrease by good/bad performances if that's what you're saying. @OP I don't think you can without in-game editor or external tools.
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