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  1. For FM18 there's this great list extracted from the game. Since FM20 is so much different than fm18 such list would be really helpful.
  2. Any way to make the various player list panels to sort by their position instead of numbers? Edit: Looks like the screenshot in the first post is sorted by position. Idk what I messed up. halp.
  3. That's what I need. Thanks a lot. As for the fm18 skin I think I've got it. I just used the transparent skin and changed the main color to a greyish bluish like the default fm18 skin.
  4. Like this. It's annoying the hell out of me among a lot of other skin related stuff. Also If anybody can point me to any skin similar to fm18 one that aren't too contrastastic I would be grateful.
  5. So it looks like I can just choose the world package in the middle of the month, shortlist any players that I want scouted individually later, then switch the package back to none and I won't get charged for it in the beginning of next month. Not even directly to the club's balance. Or am I missing something? Do I perhaps only get charged a certain percentage based on how many days I used that package?
  6. Please remove the negative effect when you skip a full-time team talk. Having players demotivated because you choose to talk to them individually is stupid.
  7. Specific types of assist (and free kick goals) from specific player.
  8. Anyone knows where I can find the list of my players who assisted from crosses/corners or scored from free kicks? All I can find is the overall team statistic.
  9. Oh sweet, that's exactly what I'm looking for, thanks.
  10. Is there any way I can see the min/max/average wage for players in division other than looking at the entire players list?
  11. Oh I think I just find a way to do it with no hassle by using the job security screen (can't believe I never noticed that). That should list all playable clubs, right?
  12. Well not really but it helps. I want to try giving the bottom 5 clubs "in-game editor enhancement" and see how the AI will do with the bonuses lol.
  13. That doesn't work. Choosing "Major & Minor" doesn't list any clubs below 3 stars and choosing "All" shows every club there is in the database. Edit: maybe because I set everything that's not playable as view-only. The problem is previously unplayable clubs can get promoted to a playable league (becoming playable). Though I suppose that's better than nothing at all.
  14. I meant the clubs in the leagues that I set as playable at the start of the game.
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