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  1. I've bailed on this game but I still use FM as a database with which to play FIFA (I'd prefer to play PES but can't seem to find where to buy it). Basically FM generates everything from fixtures to injuries to transfers to opposition teams and results, and I play the games through FIFA and bring it all together on an Excel spreadsheet. It sounds like a lot of work but I get to play about two games per hour and that's my session done before I go to bed. It's satisfying and I also get a level of depth from the game. Because I have to update opposition teams I am across all of the transfers in the game. When I have to create a youth team player for FIFA I have to go through each of their attributes and bring them to life. Anyway, horses for courses and all that. The reason I am still commenting here is because something occurred to me. FM is far too convoluted when it comes to the tactical side of the game (which is actually the key part for a management simulation game). In some areas it's too limited and in other areas it's too repetitive/contradictory. For example, I cannot tell my team to take short free kicks when deep. I do tell my team to do that but the game is not set up for it. Tactically I don't want to lose my shape for the sake of a deep free kick that'll I pump long with very little chance of scoring. Instead I'd prefer to take a quick free kick but the game just can't handle it. As you get into the other team's half the players just awkwardly stand around in the wrong positions so that when a short free kick is taken the players end up out of position anyway. It's not what I wanted to do and it looks rubbish. Meanwhile there are all these different, competing instructions for each thing. For example, there about 6 different ways to tell a player to close down: as a team instruction (which also includes the option of not closing down the GK); as a player instruction; as position characteristic; as a team mentality characteristic; as part of the pre-match tactical briefing; and as an opposition instruction, and all of that has to interact with the players' attributes (e.g. work rate), the formation and the other tactical instructions (e.g. the defensive line). What a mess. How do I tell my player to close down the right footed LCB but not the RCB or the GK? They could probably get rid of most of the above and just leave it to opposition instructions which in some way interact with player instructions. Really team instructions should just be very general - probably just the formation and positions. I mean how do you combine: direct passing with an instruction to a player to keep it short which then is contradicted in the tactical briefing? In fact what is the point of the tactical briefing full stop? I'll stick to my FM/FIFA behemoth.
  2. In real football players sometimes/maybe often don't what they're told usually because they're under pressure. In FM players are playing an entirely different sport. I still don't know where that pass from my LWB to my RCM comes from. It's nothing I've ever seen in the sport. But my team is specifically told to keep the passing short. I have a diamond midfield which means my LWB can pass to the LCB, DM, AM or striker who I have told to move into the channels. Hell he can even hit a cross field pass to the RWB. But in no world should he pass to my RCM.
  3. But how is it the "system" when the exact same "system" produced a 5:0 after one restart? If I had to guess the probability-meter that runs the game just went a bit haywire and needed a reboot. And that's not even what drove me to quit. In one game my RCM scored 3 goals which were all candidates for goal of the season! And the worst part was my LWB kept hitting a weird-not-quite-cross-field-pass-like-I-have-never-seen-before-in-football. And it wasn't just one game. This is happens about 5 times each game and just looks ridiculous. It either sets up a counterattack or a goal. We all have different experiences. I've seen people complain about set pieces but I don't score or concede many. We all have different experiences but the issue is that those experiences are generally not positive.
  4. It's fair to say looking across the comments that a large number of people, many of whom have played the game for years, are less than satisfied with this version. FM19 seems to get some stick but, personally, I never had much of an issue with it. I don't even have that high standards. I just can't continue watching my LWB hit the most unlikely pass across the pitch to my RCM bypassing my ACM who will score another goal of the season when I've specifically told my players to keep it short!
  5. I usually restart after the game thinks that it's acceptable for me to sit through 3 games in a row where my team has disallowed goals, hits the past 5 times, misses countless one v ones and just generally feels like it's stuck. It's like a fruit machine where the symbols are jammed and you have to switch off at the wall and restart it. As you've noted I'm checking out. What I will do is continue using the game as a database and will go back to playing PES where I can actually get my team to play properly. I use FM to simulate seasons, transfers, league tables, fixtures, injuries, opposition results. - the lot. And just play the games through PES and make sure that the results match up. This gives me the best of both worlds. But the people who make this game need to know that that there is a need for vast improvement and just basic enjoyment.
  6. Lose a game...reload [once and I] win it is more like it. Anyway I think you're missing the point. The thing that caused me to switch off was my team scoring three goals of the season in one game...... I can't watch my team constantly score goals of the season. Since I win far more than I lose, it's the winning that hurts the most. The losing is usually just farcical but the winning I find even more painful!
  7. I think I'm finally tapping out..... I can't do it any more. I can't watch another game on this ME. I can't watch my FB hit the most unlikely of passes to my inside CM on the other side of the pitch which either gets intercepted to start a counter attack or my CM takes a touch and shoots into top corner from 40 yards out. This is just one example of the countless completely unlikely scenarios that I have to sit through each game. And they're so repetitive and so like nothing I have ever seen happening on a football pitch. And that's before we get to the fact that tactics and instructions don't seem to make the slightest difference. A personal favourite is when I go a goal down to the bottom team and switch to a more attacking formation and the very next scene in the ME is that bottom team in my third. The game is telling me my tactics are meaningless. Now here's another pass from my LWB missing out my AM to my RCM who will hit another goal of the season......broken. But really it was my own fault. I broke the game with restarts. The worst thing about restarts is that it shows how arbitrary the whole thing is. I lose. I restart. I win. "It's football". Thanks for ruining football. I won't be buying this game next season without a vast improvement in the ME.
  8. Don't worry about it. I was joking I am more concerned that this game rewards playing players out of position.
  9. I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. I manage Milan and generally, without restarts, I am over-achieving. I always finish in the top 4 and restarts really have just come down to whether or not I win titles. I win far more than I lose including managing 12 consecutive wins in Serie A, without restarts, which is not too bad. My issue is that the restarts show how much luck is involved. One restart took me from a 2:0 defeat to Juve (after the game had just stopped letting me score for 3 games in a row) to a 5:0 win. And I'm more annoyed with the 5:0 win than the 2:0 defeat because I did nothing to deserve it. Sure "things happen in games" but this is just ridiculous. Every game I've restarted (and I've restarted about 20), I have immediately achieved a better result, usually turning a defeat into a win by doing nothing. I keep the same tactics and use the exact same team talk (which hilariously gets a different response from the exact same players). This points to a degree of randomness that is beyond the normal randomness of football and is more akin to the randomness of a fruit machine. And, yes, I know FM is one big fruit machine but it can at least do a better job of hiding the fact.
  10. Ok the restarts thing is getting completely out of hand in this game. It almost feels at times that the game is stuck like one of those frozen save icons on a Mac. It just gets into a rut and doesn't seem to know how to get out of it without a restart. I am sitting comfortably in the top 4 but have zero confidence that I'll win the title even though I'm 6 points behind. I play Roma, Inter and Juve and lost all three games without scoring a goal. But all of those games were "unlucky". I had a goal disallowed, I hit the post 5 times in 3 games and missed numerous one v ones. When I lost to Juve I thought I'd replay the Juve game for the laugh. And laugh I did. Same tactics, same team talk, 5:0. I won 5:0 without changing anything. And then I was back to my winning ways. The game had "unfrozen". That's just not right. @ XaW One of the reason people over-complicate their tactics is that they don't appreciate how so many results happen because of luck. "It's your tactics" really should be replaced with "It's your luck".
  11. This is not something though that is done in tactics but training. What would really lift FM to another level is if they allowed us to do shadow play in training. We should be able to pre-program where we want our players to run, A simple place to start would be set pieces. It's unbelievable that in 2020 we cannot tell a player to make a specific run at a set piece (as opposed to the generic ones in FM).
  12. Use the position that best suits the players.... When you select a player for a position see what gives them the most green. I find that more important than worrying too much about the positions.
  13. Ironically I probably did less restarts as a kid and have certainly never needed to restart a game as many times as FM20.
  14. On the restart thing, I'd say a few things: Firstly, I do this thing where I will often replay the first 4 or 5 games of a season to test tactics. I also don't think it's good to start a brand new job as a manager with a defeat. Come on. Secondly, once I get through the first few games then the intention is to get through the season without restarts. Restarts are often cause by a rage quit. Then the choice is either to carry on or go back to the start again. The further I am into a season the harder it is to simply restart the whole thing. Thirdly, a unique problem with this game is just how often a re-start will lead to a different result. So when I rage quit and replay I immediately am rewarded with a better result. Above I gave examples of past games where it would take multiple restarts to figure out how to defeat a team. In FM20 a simple restart changes the outcome. That just makes the whole thing feel completely arbitrary and that ruins the experience as much as anything. Fourthly, the rage will build up slowly over a number of games. It's not one game where things go against me, it's multiple games in a row that just chip away. In what world do I want to see my team not score in 6 games? Only to restart the 6th game and my team suddenly scores? Who knows, had I let it go to 7 then that might have been when the random result generator allowed me to score again but it all seems very arbitrary. Fifthly (I'm not even sure if the -ly is necessary), on two occasions now I have been treated to the full Kevin Keegan experience. My team has managed to throw away 12 and 15 point leads as the game turns on me at the end of the season. Again, who wants that experience? Twice. It's just beyond depressing. Anyway, one restart and.......the rot stops. Why? Many of these problems are unique to FM20.
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