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  1. I find I spend an inordinate amount of time on my youth team working out the correct numbers for each squad, who to sell, who to loan and who to promote, scouting talent, training them, making sure they've got the right coaches etc etc. It's by far the most time consuming part of the game. Each summer I normally only make one or two star signings for my first team so my transfer activity is over pretty quick usually by July, I then spend the rest of the summer having to deal with my youth team. Whilst I do enjoy that part of the game there are a few things that could be done to make
  2. I see the new format includes 24 teams and 8 from Europe! No wonder I qualified. The world and its mother did too. It's going to mess with records as I try to keep a record of the winners of each competition to set myself a target but with this being held every 4 years you can't really measure it against previous tournaments. In fairness, however way I worked it out, Milan have won the most World Club Cups with 4. I might need to start a new record keeping for the new format.
  3. Yep it's going to be busy in the second half of the season and I've also got Champions League! There's also talk of some World Club Cup because I made the Champions League final. I'm not sure when that's happening but I saw something pop up about me qualifying.
  4. In Italy they have the Winter break on top so didn't get back in January. Went with ramping up training and moving the younger players down to the youth team. Had some pretty decent stat boosts and got to play some youth players in friendlies. It's a really nice touch.
  5. I've got something similar except that my youth players keep being offered professional contracts without my permission even though I am the only person responsible for offering contracts. Is this an established bug?
  6. So World Cup 2022 has come around and I don't have any matches between November and January. Only handful of my players are going to the World Cup (cannot believe Chiesa didn't make the squad) so I'm just trying to work out what to do with the ones who stayed back. I have some friendlies lined up but what are people doing with this gap? I think the choices are to ramp up training or to give the players a break? In real life I'd probably give the players 2 weeks off and do a mid-season pre-season high intensity type training with friendlies lined up. What are people doing t
  7. This is true but a 12 First Touch is not great particularly for a Ball Playing Defender. It translates to 60-65 in PES which is also not great.
  8. They've overthought it. It's a problem we see a lot and FM is particularly bad for it. The more complicated you make something the more likely you end up with anomalies. It really shouldn't be too complicated to tell a player to work on one thing and that one thing improves. The challenge is to pick that one thing and sacrifice improving other things. That's as far as it needs to go.
  9. Impressive indeed. I do the same as you with mixed results... The reason I think I find it so noticeable is because I'm actually physically updating the attributes in PES to meet with the improvements in FM. I have put together a stat converter which is totally made up but basically takes the physical attributes and multiples them by 5 to find the range and then use the related mental attribute divided by 5 to get a number in that range. So Finishing 15 in FM translates as 75-80 in PES and then if a player has 10 Composure in FM they'll end up with a 77 in PES. In order to
  10. I was being flippant.....but seriously if I tell a player to focus on one thing and everything else improves except that one thing, it does feel a little disjointed. Possibly the thing I'm missing is I'm asking a player to do the impossible. Romagnoli's touch will never be better than a 12!
  11. I probably am paying closer attention to players' development than most people because I'm using Football Manager to simulate the attributes for my PES game. So I have to physically update the PES stats with the FM stats. I only do this one a season in August (which is probably a bad time because the players are only coming out of pre-season). Anyway, there should be at least logic to it.... I have taken over individual training so I can get my players to focus on specific attribute training. I also make sure that the starting line ups are the same throughout the season so the player
  12. This just happened to me..... So I'll be using the in game editor to undo all of these transfers. Any other suggestions? PS It'd also be "realistic" if a manager died midway through a game but probably would also undermine the experience somewhat.... PPS The whole premise of Football Manager is that it gives the player the ability to control a football club. The level of control is greater than a manager would have in real life in any event and managing transfers is one of the most important and most enjoyable parts of the game experience.
  13. Yes I get that it's just that I'm comparing two players in my team who play in the same position. The question really is quite simple: which of these two CBs are better?
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