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  1. 1. Being able to add another league mid game would be nice. Im playing a game with only the English league active and now I would like to play in this game with other leagues to renew my interest. 2. Making it a little easier to add a picture to your manager profile would be good too. 3. Make it a little easier to sell players. If I have a player with great stats and worth £10 million, I should be able to sell him when Im offering him to clubs for £2.5 mill. 4. It annoys me when teams like Chelsea and Arsenal buy all the big players and only play them in their reserves, seems a bit pointless. I know sometimes it happens in real life, but when they pay £30 or £40 mill on 6 players, but only 1 manages to every play, somethings wrong. 5. The computer almost always scores at least once against me as soon as they change to a 424. It doesnt really matter what club they are or what tactics I am using, they always score. Seems a little unrealistic. And I doubt every club would change to this formation towards the end of the match, as different clubs should have different ways of trying to grab a goal back