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  1. Hi guys. This is my take on my Benfica carrer I've just started. Medium to long term plans include owing the the spine of the Portuguese national team. I've certainly have the academy for it, best one in the game by far .
  2. My results and league standing are deceiving, to be fair, as I frequently pushed my AMC to a striker to make a flat 4-3-3 to grind out a narrow win or a draw. It did work more often than I expected but I don't like to resort to it, but then again, I don't know any better. Some basic concepts in FM are still totally alien to me (mentality in my eyes is misleading and I have no idea what shape is for or why/how/when should I use it to my advantage). As for my 'perceptions', their frequency makes them harder to shake them off, the woodwork beeing the worse of them by far. But posting about them was clearly a mistake, as they don't attract the best of replies. I'll try to employ the tips given above, especially the 4-1-3-2 suggested by herne79.
  3. Hi again everyone. I haven't played FM since I posted about my struggles here, and now I've gone back to it a couple days ago. Read all posts, read other people's posts, even became a BustTheNet patron for a while and watched all his videos on Youtube. And I just can't do it. This game literally ages me a week for every hour I play. I've tried to apply some of the help I had but it doesn't work. Had a cup tie with a Serie B team at home and only managed to score from open play at extra time, another game against Torino at home and they easily held me from even shooting in their box, and another game against Verona where I couldn't make a dent against them and had to resort to a flat 4-3-3 to turn a 1-0 to a 1-2 to my favour, which felt like cheating to me. Not to mention the usual patterns and 'shenanigans' that I've started to notice already. Missed one-on-one's and immediatelly after the opponent scores, opponents scoring at their first shot after I missed a dozen before, the bloddy woodwork when, and only when I'm either trying to open the scoreline or already chasing a result. This is not football. All of this stuff do happen but not as constantly as it is represented in game. This is only my first FM! Were the others like this? Is it worth getting FM19 for the same experience? But I digress. For now I just cannot find a viable plan to overcome most teams in the league. With all due respect, everyone has a different solution for it, sometimes so different that they sound almost opposite on my head. What I have been using is lower mentality, lower defensive line, structured shape and roam from positions. Some may say it's a spot on approach, some will suggest something entirely different and I go back to square one. I'm totally lost at how overwelming and punishing to the initiated this game is. It feels like I need a encyclopedia's worth of knowledge just to understand a single concept from it.
  4. If I use 'Play out of Defence' shout, wouldn't that slow my progress with the ball, therefore allowing the opposition to re-position themselves? Does that mean I can use 'Roam from Position' shout? As a TI or a PI for more advanced players? Personally I would rather stick with a narrow, no-winger formation. But I can create the same effect with attacking wing backs can't I? Providing, of course, enough cover for them in case of lost possession. Also this is where I get confused again, with people recommending diferent kinds of shape to deal with the same problem. Shape still is a totally alien concept to me. I can say what it is, I can say what it does, but I have no idea how, why or where to apply it. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  5. Thank you so much for the quick reply. Well, like I said... I don't have experience on FM, this is actually the first one I play. Those two methods you mentioned, the first means Counter Mentality right? But I don't quite get what you mean with the second method. Close down much more/tackle harder and retain possession?
  6. Hi everyone. I'm having a go at AC Milan and despite doing quite well, sitting 2nd after 12 games, I'm having a lot of problems to break down lower table teams and/or poor finishing in some instances. I would also like some tactical advice. I don't have a lot of experience, so I haven't quite nailed down the roles for: The left midfielder (tried CM(S), BBM and now MEZ(S)) - I've played Kessie, Vukcevic and Bonaventura there (also Sturaro sometimes) The Advanced Midfielder (tried AM(S), AM(A), AP(S) and AP(A)) - Bonaventura (faster) and Vazquez (fantastic playmaker on paper but slow) The support striker on the right (tried F9, DLF(S) and CF(S)) - Andre Silva and Andone (passing, work rate and team work) Kind Regards
  7. I wouldn't say that there is a distinction between me and the AI. If it all comes down to tactical instructions or better understanding/experience in dealing with such situations then it's fine. But how can I know without going to the forums or watching videos on youtube? My issue is not so much about the kind of problems I have playing matches as much as the amount of information (or lack of useful one) that I have at my disposal without any indication on how/what to use it to my benifit. Let's say that I have a upcoming match and my analyst says my opponent usually plays a defensive/structured 4-1-2-2-1, he also tells me their usual roles, how they press, how's their tempo, how they will tackle. Ok, so I know how they normally play but what do I do with that information? Ignore it and play my own way regardless? Change anything? If yes, then change what? Just a example here, but it displays my general issues with FM, whereas a more seasoned player will know better what to do (or not to do).
  8. 1. So I would guess that fluid shape would do the opposite, getting their mentalities closer together right? So even if I can understand the theory of it, why or when would I apply it? How would a structured shape benifit me more than fluid, and vice-versa? 4. But on FM analysts can scout players. Or is it something else they're doing? Honestly, I'm lost here. He does make some of the points I've made, the diference being he's a veteran and me a amateur. So it seems that the main problem with people struggling with FM is that they overcomplicate things, but how not to, given the complexity and amount of information and terms thrown at you, most of it actually being irrelevant and the rest not explained well enough to concieve a sound plan?
  9. Hi guys. This is the first FM I play, having bought it because my friends recomended it, but so far it has been far from a pleasant experience. Plain and simple, FM is incredibly overwelming. Not because of the countless menus, various managerial chores in-between matches or even the concept of football itself. 1. Massive amount of information that is fed to me and how little use most of it has for me. I've read that the game's explanation on mentalities and shape, which seems to be one of the biggest deals here, is pretty vague, to say the least. I couldn't get the grasp of 'shape' in game, so I tried to read about it online, but with so many opinions from so many people, I can't get a simple ideia of what it is, how can I apply it to my team, advantages and disavantages. That is just one example. 2. Assistant feedback and analyst reports. Starting with assistant reports, do they actually have any use? Most feedback I have from them, when employed, is of very little use when employed. So is it down to bad feedback, not enough tactical knowledge or no point in using his advice at all? As for analyst reports, same as point 1. Huge amount of information fed to me but no help in how to use it and what to use. Match analysis gives so much information that would make a real life manager's delight, but with me not beeing one, how can I translate all of that information to a working plan for current and future matches? What do I use? When? Why? Pre-game tutorials would help, as the game looks like it doesn't take in consideration new players, instead made almost exclusively for an estabilished player base. 3. AI defending. I thought I should start at first with a top European team to try to get my basics right, before moving to more challenging leagues. I can't help to notice, when playing bottom table teams, how often they can hold me off. Most of the teams that pulled off a draw or a narrow win against me playing a defensive had the same thing in common: lower morale than my team, lower mentals and lower physical attributes. And yet they pull of a perfect defensive game against me during 90 minutes, restricting me to watch an almost the entire game without a key situation, with the already usual 1vs1 misses against the opposition goalie. I can accept the casual game where it happens, just not how often it does happen. I'm Portuguese, I'm used to watch a league where more than half the teams sit back against Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon, but they usually break, a lot more often than it's depicted in FM, either because of bookings/penalties (for trying to keep them at bay), not enough defensive/concentration capability despite their numbers or exhaustion. Again, lack of information or accurate feedback from the game on how to deal with situations like this, because on forums everyone has a diferent opinion, it's hard to come up with a simple solution for it. So, as far as I'm aware, AI defending against the human player is overpowered. 4. Scouting and medical centre. I've read some poor reviews on FM18's scouting system, some good, but this beeing my first FM game, with no previous versions to compare it to, I have to say it looks a lot more complicated than it needs to be. What's the diference between the analyst's and scout's report? Why are players rated from a 0-100 system and a star system? What's the diference between them? Why can't I select more than 50 players to scout in one go? I get that scouting more players mean more time to get all of their reports, but why make it such a chore selecting 50 at a time? Especially when the player list glitches the all time. Medical centre is one another example from point 1. Loads of information but little to no use in it, at least not the way it is presented. 5. Media and player interaction. I have a couple of months of FM on me already and I've already found them repetitive after a week. So naturally I was shocked to know that most of these interactions have been around for years, word per word. 6.Player Ratings. As for what I've seen, player rating only goes high if they score/assist a goal or if a team his smashing another so bad that everyone gets a 8+ rating, including the goalie even if he's nothing more than a espectator the whole game. It's rare to see a 7+ rating on strikers who haven't scored/assisted (but contributed well to other areas), midfielders that kept the middle of the pitch tidy (either from completed pass %, take-ons or tackles/interceptions) or defenders with a dominant display in defence (clearances/headers/tackles) if a team draws or narrowly wins a game (or even loses). This detail doen't look like FM's strongest suit, but I would like in the future to see them reflect real life man-of-match performances. Sorry for the long post.
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