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    Recalling from loan

    I've used the editor to allow players to be recalled from their loan. Eg Mason MOUNT and Andrea PINAMONTI but during the game I still can't recall them from their loan. Why is this and what do I need to do to fix it?
  2. muy8781

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    The Aussie Jacob ITALIANO at Perth Glory looks like a gem
  3. muy8781

    Pre Game Editor

    I can't even find the in game editor I just purchased where do I find that?
  4. muy8781

    Star PA question

    Apologies for the confusion D_LO_ I was just using the PA numbers as an example. So if Tammy Abraham is rated at the start of one save as have 4 star potential and on another as 5 stars, does this have any influence on how well he is able to develop or will he be on the higher scale of his PA when he has 5 stars?
  5. Hi all, sorry if this has already been covered somewhere else in the forum but I have not been able to find it. I am starting a new saved with Chelsea but have noticed that some of the player's potential star ratings change but not their stats eg Tammy Abraham. Does the change between him having four or five star potential impact his overall potential to develop to his max PA eg if he is a -8 player will it limit him to a PA of 160 when he has four stars or can he still reach 175PA?
  6. muy8781

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Hi all, starting my fist Liverpool save in a long time. Quick opinion needed on Woodburn, better off to train him up as a IF behind Firmino or start him as a C.F. which means not signing a young player like Solberg, Gomez or Dembele?