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  1. Thanks, I'll pay attention to it. And as for the Greek players, as for now I had already one (Stratos Detsis) and now I have another extra one, Kyriakos Planakis, though I would also like to add some Cypriots as well, but I've been quite unfortunate so far with them.
  2. MID-SEASON 2017-18 New season ahead, with a lo of new challenges and a lot of changing in terms of faces. Most of my all Romanian squad decided to leave the club, thus leaving behind a pretty young squad, although the regens I recruited last year start to look really good on the pitch. As for our new arrivals, unfortunately it was almost impossible for me to sign any Romanian player. The distance between the two countries or the transfer preference thing I guess. 😢 FRIENDLIES Nothing exceptional if we take into account the fact that all of these teams were clearly of a lower level than us. FA TROPHY Knocked out by a Vanarama North club... I don't think we could have done anything better than this. Great experience though... FA CUP Knocked out a Vanarama North club (Stalybridge), managed to secure a draw at home against a League One club (Burton) and lost against them after a second game. I think we overdone ourselves this year. RYMAN LEAGUE FIRST DIVISION NORTH With the club's chairman expecting a promotion this season, it was clear we didn't have much choice as for our season's goals... And it looks good so far even if the league's level seems to be more difficult than last season's. Let's see how things go... PS. If anyone of you wants to take a look at the progression of the young regens I recruited last years + my Romanian regens from the club's youth squad just ask for it and I'll post it, if I don't do this earlier by myself.
  3. SEASON 2016-17 FA CUP Well, it simply wasn't our year. After having created the surprise by winning against Kidderminster (Vanarama North), we failed miserably against Northwood (Evo-Stik First Division). Still, I don't think that we could have done better than we did. 🤔 FA VASE First trophy in the club's history and with a win against our league rivals of Hackney Wick. It wasn't easy but we did it. Oh, and playing in a huge stadium like Wembley with only 132 fans present... well, how to say... 😑 ESSEX SENIOR And... up we go... Really lucky at times, lost our confidence at some times, but we finally did it. That title race with Hackney Wick though... And as for the stats... well, it wasn't about individual work, but mostly teamwork, so I think it's pretty normal that we didn't had a lot of players being present in those stats. Our team of the season. Except Benali and Detsis, the rest of them are 100% Romanian. For the rest, it looks like the signing of Niki Oosthout as an extra goalkeeper was a good one. Future will tell... A good first season I think and with new challenges coming up next year. TRANSFERTS Unfortunately for us, at different points during the season some of our key players chose to leave the club. I guess it's one of those negative things that go with having a semi-professional or amateur status as a club. As a replacement, two new (foreign) players arrived near the end of the season: Alain Vita and Vitor Norinho. REGENS Of course, all of them were signed as I my U23 and U18 teams were completely empty. The best ones out of them. FINANCES Looks like there's a bit of an issue here. Got to keep an eye on them.
  4. OK, thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye on it. 😉
  5. Well, @PThomason01, @BoxToBox and @Nobby_McDonald, for now they're only Romanians. Just like any other foreign youngster that may come through your youth academy. Also, I didn't get, for now, any message about Brexit. When exactly does it take place and how could I be affected ? Should I start bringing in some UK players ?
  6. Romanian leagues are already loaded and as for the minority issue... well, let's say that my goal is to have a totally Romanian squad or with very few to none foreigners. For now the only foreigners are the four regens I showed in my previous post. As for the backroom staff there are only very few to none chances for a Romanian to come all the way from Romania to a 7th-8th division team in England and with little to no salary. I'm afraid...
  7. Hi, nice to see someone taking "Les Grenats" as a team. Hope for you to find the next Jeff Strasser in your youth academy. Also, it looks like you're using a false and controversial version of the team's emblem (this is the correct one). For more info check this article. With the use of Google Translate it should be readable. Good luck for the season ahead.
  8. Well, let's say I thought about it, but having already access to Romanian regens made the challenge of being a complete foreigner to the country (England) or the minority (Romanians) that the team represents even more exciting. Also, I had the time to read an interview of the club's president, where he stated that there was no problem with foreigners. So, I hope I'll be forgiven for this.
  9. Strengths and Weaknesses Key players Overview Tactics I decided to try three (actually only two of them will be really used) different tactics that were posted on different FM communities' websites, as well as the Steam Workshop. Lower League 4-3-3 Wide by SE7EN 3-3-3-1 Bielsa Transfers On the pitch Given our lack of transfer budget and the small amount of our wage budget, I decided to invest in young talents. At first I thought about bringing in some Romanians but they didn't want to. Maybe the distance, combined with our low level of reputation? As for the departures... Thing were pretty easy with him. He was the worst player in the squad, no real benefit from his presence except his experience (37 y.o.), he asked for a more important rule, that was a big no for me and out he went... End of the story... Off the pitch Without having any serious backroom staff except an assistant manager/player (Marin), I had to build everything from the start and with little to no money. Friendlies Let the season begin... I guess new tactics take some time in order to be learned, especially the Bielsa one. Surprise... It looks like we will have our own Romanian or Romanian-English or English-Romanian regens. Let's see how it goes... After all this, I guess it's time to kick off the season. The media predict us to end the season in 1st place and I also think that we have enough quality to do this. Will we prove them right? Or wrong?
  10. Diaspora football clubs always fascinated me and that's the reason why I started my first career update here with one of them. My choice wasn't that easy but the fact that the club was based in England made the challenge of bringing it from bottom to top even more exciting for me. A bit of history... According to Wikipedia... Football Club Romania is a football club based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England. The club are currently members of the Essex Senior League and groundshare at Cheshunt's Theobalds Lane. The club was established in August 2006 by Ion Vintilă. They started in Sunday league football, initially playing in the Sunday London Weekend League. After winning their division at the first attempt, the club switched to Saturday football, joining the Essex Business Houses League in 2008. In 2010 they joined Division One (Central and East) of the Middlesex County League. After finishing as runners-up in their first season in the division, they were promoted to the Premier Division. In 2011–12 the club finished as runners-up in the Premier Division, but were unable to be promoted due to ground grading regulations. In 2012–13 the club entered the FA Vase for the first time, beating Tring Athletic in the first qualifying round, before losing 7–0 at Hoddesdon Town in the next round. In the same season the club finished second in the Premier Division for a second successive season and were promoted to the Essex Senior League after a groundsharing agreement with Cheshunt allowed them to meet the ground grading regulations. The season also saw them win the Middlesex County League's Open Cup with a 3–1 win over Bratham in the final. In 2014–15 the club entered the FA Cup for the first time, reaching the second qualifying round, where they lost to Sutton United. Our (shared) ground... According to Wikipedia... The club originally played on Hackney Marshes, before moving to the Low Hall Recreation Ground in Walthamstow when they moved up to the Essex Business Houses League. When the club joined the Middlesex County League they began playing at Leyton Sports Centre. In 2012 the club began groundsharing at the Cheshunt Stadium. OK, but what about the game ? 🤔 Ingame, the club looks like this... Needless to say, a lot of work lies ahead us... 😮 Fine, but who are you ? 🤔 I'll be playing as Nikos Pappas, a young Greek-Cypriot (born in Salonica, Greece) student and big football fan who decided to help this club arise in power and popularity. Who's Pappas ? More will follow, with a presentation of the strong and weak points of the team, its players, as well as our transfer activity, both on and outside the pitch and the pre-season friendly matches. 😉
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