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  1. could someone help me with this? thanks! most of skins crash the game when loading the skin or when loading the game. a couple of skins make the facepacks not working.
  2. already did everything suggested by yourself. Now the game works normally. I think this new update has issues with custom skins. I can't use any anymore.
  3. @bluestillidie00 your skin is the best skin ever! <3 nevertheless it stop working with the new update 19.3.2. is there any chance you fix it? thanks!
  4. yes when i launch the game. errors: it's all in that rtf file I attached! it's quite long. i am on macOS.
  5. I don't have any of those cards and it doesn't work! I've a intel iris graphics 6100 1536 MB. this is inexclusable. always crashing during loading. please help! MacBook Pro.spx drumgoreckibass crash.rtf
  6. I was playing the game and suddenly the screen got all messed up. couldn' t save my game. Now every time I start FM19 it crashes when it is saying loading - right at the beginning. i don't have any crash dump files. I tried everything that Neil explained and nothing works. what the hell.. this is a shame. Is anyone able to help me? thank you! drumgoreckibass crash.rtf
  7. Hi everyone, I am playing with Sporting CP that this year got their B team extinct . I edited that and included Sporting CP B in 2 different ways: 1st in the Campeonato Nacional and 2nd in League Ledman. I tested rules and I simulated 1 year to check if it worked. The problem is that in both cases I finish the season on 1st or 2nd place and when the 2019/20 season is created it shows that I belong to a empty Ledman Championship with no games to play. I don't belong to the league table but it shows that I'm in Ledman League. Could anyone help me please? i already started 5 seasons and I can't solve this. Thank you in advance!
  8. that's what i think! at least in this fm. there was 1 or 2 previous version of fm that we could even edit every single position of player in attack and defense and that would be possible. that's just an idea for future fm together with what this one has already. thanks anyways!
  9. hey thank you for the quick reply. nevertheless, it is not what you are saying. the DM was another player and didn't played as a half-back. I totally got what you are saying. i think that what i want is kind of hard to replicate because it felt like a left arm working. when without the ball everyone on the left retreated to do a line of 5 defenders. so 1st would come the LWB and then AML. when with ball would go extend a bit so the AML would take the LWB position. and when really attacking the LB would take LWB and the LWB the AML. it was quite interesting. in a clear eye it was kind of a 3-4-1-2 but in reality it wasn't cause it is a 4-1-2-2-1 you can see a bit here https://www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/liga-nos/detalhe/o-sporting-sp-braga-visto-a-lupa-os-pormenores-da-estrategia-surpresa-de-keizer?ref=Sporting_BucketDestaquesPrincipais but the thing is that borja is the LB and worked as a LB the whole game but in 3 distinct moments of the game he played in specific ways as I explained. And of course the left side was flowing according those 3 moments. with ball, without ball and attacking.
  10. yesterday i was seeing Sporting Portugal vs Braga game and noticed the following: When with the ball Sporting Portugal would get in defense 2 central defenders plus 1 left back as a line of 3 defenders. When without the ball the Left Back would stay as the 3rd central defender and the Left Wing Back was turned into a left back. I talk about a Left Back because this scheme has a 3rd nuance which is this is a 4-1-2-2-1 progression. the Left Back when really attacking gets into LWB position and the LWB into AML. as the schemes under: with ball LWB ----------- RWB -----LB CD CD----- without ball LWB LB CD CD RW when really attacking: AML(former LWB) LWB(former LB) --------- RWB --------------CD CD-------------- How do I replicate this in football manager 2019 tactics? Anyone? Thanks!
  11. Hi, FM18 has been crashing now and then on my computer. I think it sucks but I can live with it. But yesterday, the game crashed. When I tried to load the game again didn't do it. I have automatic saving in 3 files but none work. Dunno what happened. It didn't crash while saving. It was all normal during the whole day. I run it in a quite new mac with yosemite. Need a little help here. Anyone ?
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