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  1. I´m deciding to manage between Nott Forest and QPR, Which one is th best PD: If you have any other reccomendations feel free to gave them
  2. Preferred league(s): Serie B-Ligue 2- Liga 123 (Spain 2 division)-Sky Bet Championship Expectations: Medium Table-Top Half-Play-off Finances: Any Youth/Training Facilities: Any
  3. Look in Portugal, they have some good and cheap players
  4. Just Started a Sampdoria save, what positions do you reccomend to strengthen?
  5. Due to family problems (they are hard) i will not play FM until the 19 releases (like november) so i will be continuing seeing this thread and if in FM19 This challenge continues i'll play it ¡Good luck to all!
  6. Reached the end of season with brighton but my pc got wrecked, i'll have fixed in 2-2 and a half months, so if the challnege continues i'll come back (and im expectingthis si on fm19)
  7. Just started a QPR Save, will be following to update when mi preseason is done.
  8. Just started following this carrer and already read all in a couple of hours...
  9. I been willing to choose cardiff or other team, just set up my DB and then choose a team
  10. Could You reccomend me any Championship Team? Edit: Im thinking taking over Cardiff
  11. Go to preferences, then to interface, more interface options, then it will be an option called confirmation dialogue click it where it says "restore" and they are back
  12. I think it was that, i copy the line of the budget of the CFM Skin and copy it onto my Club overview panel and didnt have a mistake, here it is how it looks now, im on a 1366 x 768 resolution laptop.
  13. I read it, but when i try to edit the XML or erase something of it after recharging skin it gives me a XML error
  14. If u want it to show it in the shortlist in game, put the file on the shorlist folder on the sports interactivo form documents the go on game shortlist-load shorlist-select it-ok
  15. I m Doubting to make a save between Brighton or Southampton apart from my real oviedo one, what tactics you reccomend? Southampton is my second favourite team of england (First is Man U LOL, apart from being mexican)
  16. I just wanted to make changes onto my club overview and i edited the things i wanted to changed : 1.- Change places on last 11 with the kits 2.- erase the city pic 3.- Change places the stadium with the ecoomy and budget and information of the club ( the things with a red arrow) 4.- PUT THE PLAYERS where the trophies are If someone can do it i leave it my xml files, i noob at this so i don know how to do it club overview details panel.xml club overview panel.xml
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