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  1. Thank you for this, i've never tried to set a cup to be playd at a set stadium before so had no clue where to find it. Many Thanks Dai
  2. Hi all, How do i set a particular team as being the hosts of a cup e.g. if i was creating the Emirates Cup (the pre-season tournament hosted by Arsenal) or any of the other numerous pre-season competitions hosted by set clubs, how would i set any of these clubs as the hosts of their respective cups in the editor please? Many thanks Dai
  3. Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm trying to make some cross country/continent cups for club's first team's, reserves and youth teams (different cups for different age groups) mainly to give the reserve's and youth teams more games to play and i was wondering if someone could help me with a couple of things or could direct me to any video's/articles to do the following things as i'm struggling with them please?. Can you set cups to only take teams that finished in set positions in a given league the previous season? How do you make cups specifically for the youth teams (under 23's, B, II, Under 19's) please? is it the same for cups with teams from multiple countries in them? Do all clubs in any cups have to have the same type of reserve's/youth team age groups in them or can they be mixed as different countries call teams of the same type different things? Is it possible to make cups for 1 continent or group of countries frrom a specific continent but have teams from a completely different continent compete in the same cups e.g. a cup for european teams that has a few south american teams in it? Many Thanks Dai
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at the english leagues to possibly edit them and i don't understand what the valid years box is for, could someone explain it's use please?. On all leagues from league 1 down to the Vanarama North/South Divisions they have both SkyBet League 1 and the Regional Premier Divisions in this box and on the Regional Premier Divisions the box is blank in the default database, Is this where you dictate the league to get the extra team from to make up the numbers? Does this need changing to the lowest playable/unplayable division or league level when adding more leagues to the pyramid? Many Thanks Dai
  5. Thanks for this Luka, I have PM'd you aswelll. Many thanks for all the work you have done on this file and i cannot wait to start using it. Dai
  6. Hi @majesticeternity I redownloaded the latest version of the files to make sure i was using the most current version and not the beta version of the files and that's why i was getting the errors that i was. Unfortunately this is not the case all the files say when you open them in the editor that they were created in an earlier version of the database so i tried resaving them on the latest database myself but keep getting errors everytime i try to verify them so i wonder if changes in the 20.4 database could be the cause of the errors? Would it be possible and not too time consuming to update them to the 20.4 database please? The errors i am getting apply to multiple competitions in different files, the errors and the specific competitions that were giving me those errors and in which file said competition can be found are below. In the 1st division B,II,U21's file i get error in nation rules the number of dates set in stage 0 of the competition is 4 but should be equal to 3 with no specific competition named. The Disney Cup international in the 1st division Elite, B,II,U21's file is giving an error of the number of teams in the competition does not match expected number of team from the ranking (48 teams out of 32) on january 10th 2019 The Euro Cup Tornooi in the 1st division under 19's all clubs file is giving me the same error as above on the same date error of the number of teams in the competition does not match expected number of team from the ranking (80 teams out of 64) The Venezia Cup in the 2nd division file is giving an identical error but a different number of teams possibly as the 2 competitions above on the same date. The Isar cup in the 3rd division file is giving the the worng number of teams qualified found for competition (20 of 64 required teams) on the same date as the above errors. The Gothia Cup is giving me an error in nations rules of new stage 0 of said cup cannot find enough teams to be created (48 found, 64 needed). The Iber Cup file gives me an error in nation rules specific to the Iber Cup Qualifier -Spain of new stage 0 of said cup cannot find enough teams to be created (15 found, 32 needed). i'm not sure if any of the other countries qualifiers are affected too. The ICC Cup gives me an error in nation rules on 31st may 2019 of the number of teams in the competition does not expected number of team from the ranking (30 teams out of 25). I'm not sure if the youth team equivalent has the same issue. The Norway Cup gives me the error of new stage 0 of said cup cannot find enough teams to be created (60 found, 200 needed) The Mediteranian International Cup is telling me when it gets to january 1st 2020 that there are 0 teams registered for it but on looking at the registered teams section it has the correct number of teams registered for the competition in both 2019 and 2020 and also the qualified teams section has rules set for getting the qualified teams in 2020 rules but not in 2019. THe Africa Youth Cup in the Other continents file gives me an error in nation rules of the number of teams in the competition does not match the expected number of teams from the ranking (80 teams out of 64) on the 10th of January 2019 like some of the other competitions, on looking closer at it there are qualification rules set for it to get random teams from team pool but the team pool section is completely empty of teams, could this be the issue in the other files giving the same error? i can't test any of the other competitions in files with multip[le competitions in them to see if any of the others have any errors aswell as the editor stops verifying once it hits an error. Many Thanks Dai
  7. it's for FM17,18 and 19 please. I still play the old games whenever i get bored of playing the latest version just for a change. Do i need to start a new save everytime you update the packs please? Many Thanks Dai
  8. Hi, Having looked at the english leagues every division from league 1 has 2 sets of rules (1 for the 19/20 season and 1 for the 20/21 and on season) so I think this may be able to be solved by having 1 set of rules for the 2019/2020 season and a duplicate set of rules starting in 2020/2021 for every extra division you add with the 19/20 rules having the i think it's called get extra lower division teams box ticked and 1 in the box and then in the 20/21 rules having it at zero but make sure all the promotion and relegation numbers are the correct amount for every level for that season on. I'm not sure if there is something else that needs changing aswell as this possibly the division to get the teams from. Hope this helps you sort the issue out. Dai
  9. That would be good. i noticed from the screenshots you have shared that there seems to be a slight imbalance with regards to divisions having larger than average numbers of teams from specific countries in them, i noticed it particularly with german teams in divsion 4 (4 compared to 1 from every other country) and the same appears to have happened in division 2 with the english sides (5 compared to the others having 1 or 2 representatives) i didn't check any of the other continents to see if the same was replicated in them. i don't know how you could fix this or whether the issue is the same on other continents also i don't know if/when more divisions were added how this would change but maybe move a few of the teams around and change a few of the lower rep teams where countries have lots of representatives to a similar reputation team from a nation that has few or no representation (e.g. scandinavian teams maybe where the european leagues are concerned to give a wider continental spread) plus it would stop the top divisions containing teams from only a few of the bigger more financially wealthy countries (England, Germany Spain and France) unless you have evened that side out somehow. The america's league systems seem to all be slightly different in some way with some having it split into 2 sections and others not and some having a few very big teams and the rest made up by smaller teams that struggle a lot due to lack of finances. just a thought on the cup issue if more divisions were added but could you not maybe add a group stage at the start to cut down some teams, do qualifying rounds similar to what is done in the european continental competitions as well as some countries domestic cups (Champions league and french coupe de ligue spring to mind) to cut down the number of teams, exclude teams below certain divisions from the main cup or split the knockout cup into 2 separate 1's for say division 1-5 and division 6-10 for example? Many thanks Dai
  10. Hi, This looks like an amazing idea, i have a few ideas and some questions. Under 18 and 23 cups is something i think would be good to give the youth teams something else to compete for besides the league titles. Adding US and Canadian teams would be great (maybe this could be done by adding North and Central America/Canada leagues as every other continent is represented but that 1. The cup competitions would need reworking as a result though. Is the Premier and First division league cup competition 1 cup or 2, if it is 1 maybe a pre season competition between the 4 league cup winners from the previous season to start the season off kind of like a curtain raiser (like most countries matches between their top league winners and main domestic cup winners)? if not could a random team from a division be picked every season to make up the numbers? How come the top 2 divisions are 24 teams but every other division is only 16 teams? is the fact that it is only 5 divisions down to the small number of teams in top leagues on some continents? Is an identical thing possible for lower division sides (countries respective 2nd divisions and below) with the sides picked and sorted in order of reputation maybe? it would be interesting to see how competitve different countries lower leagues were. i am not asking for this to be done at all, i'm just curious to know if it was possible or would the number of teams in the deafult database from certain continents prevent it. Many Thanks Dai
  11. Thank you take as long as you need to do it, i managed to find some expanded league pyramids for some of the other eastern european nations i was missing after doing some searching. Would Serbia's league pyramid be possible provided the information is easily obtainable please? i was able to find this out about the format of the leagues and a list of all the clubs in each league. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbian_football_league_system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_clubs_in_Serbia Many thanks Dai
  12. Hi, Would it be possible to have this file translated into english please as it sounds amazing and is just what i was looking for. Do you just deal with the Croatian leagues or do you do any of the other Eastern european leagues as well please? Many Thanks Dai
  13. Hi Nik33, I would love to use some of your packs and was wondering when is the last update for them (is it usually the end of the current season) please? I am really excited to use youe player partnerships, career plans, player relationships, world media and agents packs in FM20, this is the first time i have seen packs like this. i noticed you have done some of these packs for previous versions of the game and was wondering where i can get them from please? Many Thanks Dai
  14. Thanks for this, i am not quite confident enough with the editor to try this myself unless it is something super simple to do in which case i will give it a go. How do i go about creating extra instances of a league? Does this need to be done for both the parent and child competitions at every level? it seems to be done down to the regional premier divisions by default but i cannot see in any of the editor menu's how to add multiple rules for different years what menu would this be in? is it something as simple as selecting a level and copying the ruleset then changing the starting year? Can you set it to pick certain teams to promote to certain divisions in a certain year in the editor? It seems the french league cup is indefinitely suspended rather than totally cancelled so hopefully that isn't too hard to change. It shows up in the editor with 2 sets of rules 1 for 2019 and 1 for 2020 which has now disabled by it, do i need to remove this set of rules to allow the competition to keep being played, if so how do i do this please? I am right in thinking that editor files will work in the game even if they haven't been verified in the editor (won't verify because of errors) provided they are saved using the same database version that i intend to use in game? Many Thanks Dai
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