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  1. Thank you, I wasn't sure if you had changed some of the ID numbers in the database update hence the need for the license fix so thought i would ask if both were necessary or not.
  2. Hi Tonao, i'm glad I could provide even a little bit of assistance for a possible reason for the issue with Chile maybe 1 of the far more experienced editors than myself or someone who has done the leagues for an old version would be able to assist you further as I am very new to editing myself only started in the last 3 years (i haven't needed to create any leagues myself as all the leagues i like to use are already being creeated amazingly by other people so haven't encountered half the possible issues with the editor and leagues to be able to offer any more help.) I look forward to seeing how far you manage to get with the pack just take as long as you need with it to get it where you are happy with it as that is what matters.
  3. Hi Tonao, Well Done on the pack, It is obviously very comprehensive and a lot of thought has gone into which countries you want to/can do. I don't know if you already know this but Uncle_Sam on the forums already includes all the Central American countries you plan to do in your pack with the exception of Costa Rica in his USA/Canada update, Maybe you could ask him if you could include them in your pack to save yourself a bit of time and a lot of work? I hope you don't mind but I had a quick look at your Chile file to see if i could spot where the issue may be as to why it won't play correctly in 19.3.5 and the only thing i could see was potentially the problem is with the Third Division specifically third Division B as the Child cometitions appear to be missing from the appropriate section in Third Division B leagues, this may be where the issue lies as looking at other leagues that have a similar setup to the Chilean Third Division they all have the child cmpetitions section of the league filled in which appears to be missing from the Thrd Division B in your file. I checked specifically the Portuguese lower leagues and Belgian Third Division as they have similar setups to Chile. I hope this is of some assistance to you in fixing the file.
  4. Thank you for this, it will prove very useful probably.
  5. I have not had chance to test the file yet as i accidentally deleted the file in the editor so am having to remake it from scratch to be able to test it in-game. I just wanted to update you on how i was getting on with testing the file but also to ask if you could possibly explain how to set up a future transfer in the editor please? I want to set up a future transfer for a certain player as i have seen multiple news articles about this player moving clubs but nothing actually confirming it and the player is still listed at his current club with no future transfer in the editor.
  6. Hi Pro, I will let you know how i get on when i get around to testing the files, I seem to have successfully manage to merge 3 of your files with 1 of my existing attribute change files and another file in so much as the editor didn't throw up any error's or fail to merge the files but I have not had chance to test the fiile in game yet. Would you like me to reply here once i have tested the file to let you konw how i get on or would you prefer I did it by PM?
  7. Hi pr0, Thank you so much for the answers to the questions, I haven't as yet had chance to try your files out but I look forward to using them. I didn't realise before i asked the question about merging muiltiple files into 1 file that there was the facility in the editor to do such a thing so was just asking if it was even possible (This is only my 2nd year of editing anything in FM so i am not quite familiar with all the different things the editor can do yet). It is obvious you put a lot of work into the update so i would just like to say thank you for making it.
  8. Hi, Your update sounds very good and very in depth. How far down do the Japanese, Indian and Cypriot leagues & cups included in your update go please? Does the Japanese league include all the players as well or is it just activation of the league/s please? Would it be possible to include all the new players/staff, CA and PA changes, newly added wonderkids, real life agents and transfers combined into 1 file for those who wish to use all files as well as keeping them as separate files for those who only want a few of the files in future updates please?
  9. Thanks for the explanation, It sounds way too complicated for a novice editor like me, i can do simple things like adding an extra level to a league when the structure is simple (like England and most of the other European leagues) but if it is even slightly complicated (like Germany, Italy, USA etc) it always goes wrong when i try to do it.
  10. Thanks for the response. I tried to make the Argentnian 4th tier playable myself yesterday just to see if i could do it but i couldn't. I kept getting the whole there are too many teams in the specific division error for the first of the 2 divisions at that level no matter what I tried to do it refused to allow it to be made a playable level. (There are something like 160 odd teams in that tier according to the editor which seems a really high number for 1 tier to me.)
  11. Yay, I was hoping someone was going to do a South and Central America update increasing the number of playable leagues in that region as it looks a very interesting region to play in due to the complexities of the leagues. I did a short save in Brazil several versions ago and really enjoyed it. It will make a change from the usual boring saves in european countries. I downloaded some of the South + Central American regions leagues from the steam workshop but they don't all go down to the lowest possible league within the editor limits. Are the levels listed in the opening post gooing to be the lowest playable league unless specified otherwise or will it depend on having accurate information for them please? Will this be compatible with Uncle Sam's US + Canada update and Claasen's European megapack please?
  12. Thanks for the clarification about the competition rules. I just found the versions for FM 17 and 18 and can't wait to try them out when I get bored of playing Fm19.
  13. Thank you for this Carlito85, I cannot wait to try these out once I finish all my own personal editing I have left to do. Are there versions of these files for Fm17 and 18 or was this something that was started for Fm19 please? with question 2 do you have to assign the competitions to a country first to then edit the squad registration rules? i remember having to do that when i altered the existing Champions League & Europa League squad rules.
  14. Can anyone answer these few questions for me as I haven't had chance to have a proper look at the files yet. Are the real name fix and the Graphics files mentioned in the first post necessary to use these files? Can the squad registration rules in these files be altered easily or removed entirely for people to play how they wanted? Is there a file that uses the Old Intertoto Cup, new Europa League 2 and the Champions League/ Europa league in their current format?
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