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  1. i ordered myself a copy of cm2 from amazon few months ago but even with dosbox and through windows 98 i couldnt get the disc to load. something about disc protection gutted as i really love the game
  2. Im enjoying this tactic v2.1 with v1 layout, however i seem to find it really hard to understand why you set everyone back for corners and freekicks, Crowding the peno box doesnt work imho. i tend to leave at least 2 up the frield as the oppersition will not throw as many men forward, Is there and proof that having them all back works better? when i watch the games leaving them up seems better for me. would just like your opinion please
  3. been successful using this before but not this time lol played 11 won 2 draw 4 lose 5 for 7 agg 10..... defence decent... attack... what attack my lads couldnt score in a brothel lmao great tatic btw my teams just shockin
  4. Anybody help me find links for v1+2+3? never used v4 before but i got it to try, new comp only just on internet so my others have gone member havin great success with v2 and hoping to bring back those great times o and Fuss You, my friend are a legend
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