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  1. I read that before in other threads and yes i did that already still didnt help. So i assume si has no fix to all these crashes??? Like i said, i read lods of threads with the same issues and tried them all. The winter patch better be solving all these crashes.
  2. i was just trying to save game after a match and it just wont save, it keeps freezing no matter how i tried i did have 3d match kit but i removed them and the issue still persist.. graphics are medium. only 6 leagues (top divisions only) with low sized database. when is the winter update coming out? DxDiag.txt
  3. fm.exe Football Manager 2018 18.2.2f1055984 (staging) i cant save my game it keeps crashing like that alright enough of your excuses SI developers, stop telling us about anti virus all that load of crap i tried them all reading the threads, stop trying to think consumers did not do this or that, you are selling a faulty game with no fix??? what's going on here?? theres loads of threads with the same issue with no solution. stop trying to ask us did we do this or that. ITS YOUR FRICKING GAME's PROBLEM which make the crash happen. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT. its totally unplayable i just wasted my money. PS. i'm an old fan of the series since CM4 never complained on this community
  4. hey @Neil Brock i just downloaded the game a week ago and having the same staging errors or whatever it is, i could not save it after a month of playing, it just crashes. i intentionally bought the game after february thinking there would be bug issues solved. boy how wrong was i!!!! seriously how can u guys sell such unplayable rubbish? i've played fm since CM4 and this was the worst problem ever for the series. fix it for f@@k sake this is daylight robbery.
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