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  1. When I play commentary only is there a way where the commientary line can be large and in the middle of the screen like the old days. At the moment the line is very small at the bottom of the screen.
  2. I cant even play the demo anymore !!! . Played it once for a few hours and since then, Steam Error, unavailable, try again later. Been like it for a while now. Done everything that the forum says to correct with no joy. As if I am going to buy the full version !!! LOL !!!! I'm back to FM11
  3. Thanks guitarman. Are they serious to do all that. I only want to play the demo !! In fact i cant be bothered anymore, going to buy a few pints instead, their revenue loss, pub landlords gain.
  4. How can i play this demo offline ??? Or do i have to wait until steam pull there finger out to let me play this game. This is really really annoying.
  5. Nah, i keep trying and i get a steam window saying game is unavailable. Sorry SI, this has put me off. ( gutted as the game looked fantastic ). :-(
  6. I have downloaded the demo via Steam etc. Played OK for a few hours. Gone to play it again now with a view of buying it, but upon starting it , Steam is saying 'This game is currently unavaialbe..please try again later' Is this regular ??? (Lets just say my money is staying in my pocket as I have lost confdence in buying it with this other app attached to it.)
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