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  1. Most of them seem to be people complaining there is no Chinese translation which brings the number alot. Also people like to complain far more than give praise.
  2. Software licensing has always been around, it is just now company's are trying to enforce it.
  3. Steam can be setup with less personal info than it took to create an account on this forum, you don't constantly receive ads either if you don't want too.
  4. Wouldn't this be better as an email to Si or Sega where it might be read instead of posting it as a whine on a forum? For better or worse the boxed PC game market is dying more and more games are relying on online services such as Steam, if you have strong enough reasons not to want Steam on your computer then sorry to hear that, Civ5 is great and i suspect Fm2012 will be addictive as usual, your loss.....
  5. EA are starting to, Battlefield 3 is going to require the Origin client. Steam is not a monopoly, plenty of other ways of getting games its just that some publishers have decided to require it.
  6. In my save Chelsea seem to dominate most seasons. In 21/22 the top 5 was 1st: Chelsea (By 15 points) 2nd: Liverpool 3rd: Man City 4th: Aldershot Town (me) 5th: Tottenham Man utd have been hovering around 6/7th for the past few years
  7. My Aldershot board built a 18000 seater stadium for 20 mil all through loans
  8. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  9. You should be fine to go up to League 2, my Woking team had a mixture of seats and standing and that wasn't an issue until i got to the premiership (Seating only)
  10. Scotland won in 2010 on my save and then Craig Brown quit the next day........
  11. Yes they came second in their league
  12. Stadium question

    If the stadium sells out each week they will eventully build you a new one as expansion is not possible
  13. Aldershot 4-2 Birmingham 2 goals in the second half of extra time have won me the Coca Cola Championship play off final so off to the Premiership we go. Still not sure how we fluked to the playoffs, Leeds self destructed on the last day of the season and we some how sneaked into the last playoff spot on goal difference, from then 3 stunning perfomances won the final. Not sure how things will go in the Premiership though, in the last week the Chairman has announced a new stadium (Yay) to be ready in a year along with a note saying the repayments will be 120k a month (Twice my current wage budget) I can see us being bankrupt by christmas.......................
  14. What!?!

    I had the same thing with Gary Roberts, signed him on a free, he played a couple of games in August and then was unavailable for "Medical reasons" for a couple of months. (Googleing him it turns out he was in Rehab) Nice feature but a message saying something would have been nice..