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  1. loving the game and not complaining about anything. just hoping that each version comes out better. the game is challenging n compared to fifa manager which is much more tedious to play, there's nothin like football manager.
  2. interesting ideas. although (6) is not really favoured. i think its better to start as a manager with practically no history. its like starting out as a no-one and then becoming someone.
  3. You can do it now actually, just tell him 'you are delighted with him' in the full-time teamtalk. Make sure he is the only player to get it and he will be delighted. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> didnt know that but thanks for the tip!
  4. another thing, im sorry if this has been repeated before but it wud be fantastic if we cud praise our players after a wonderful performance rather than wait for a few matches before we can praise a player.
  5. just the place i need to give my suggestion. okay im sure all u FM lovers know abt the "opposition instructions" during game match. i dont know if all of u are as anal as i am but i would personally click tell them which players to mark, close down, type of tackle, and show to which foot. this itself takes a few minutes of my time. therefore, i thought maybe having a drop down "set all to.." function would help cut down on the timing. like set all closing town to "always". its easier that way. im just givin a suggestion tho. feel free to disagree CONSTRUCTIVELY.
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