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  1. So I'm going to start a game in the 6th division of English soccer or the Vanarama north/south leagues. I wanted to make this somewhat realistic so my manager only has a National B License, Semi-Pro player experience, and is not even English but Spanish. I have already selected either Whitehawk or Dartford to be my club. My question is how do I make the most of my very limited points from only Semi-Pro Experince? Man Management, Determination, Level of Discipline, Adaptability, Motivating, which do I need to maximize with my small point pool and which can I ignore? Unlike the tactical coach points which I can earn badges and grow over time these other stats will never grow from what I understand so I need to do the best I can with allocating them at the start. Also; has anyone gone on to have long term high level success with a coach with only Semi-Pro level of player experience? Is there a 'ceiling' to my success to a certain point or can I work my way up to managing a top team just fine? Thanks!
  2. WhiskeyDingo

    B Team Player Salary demands too high?

    I'll give a specific example. I have a 20 year old youth product winger who is simply not ready for the first team. He is totally at the B Team level. His current contract is for 50k p/a... but he is now demanding a contract that I can only negotiate down to like 280k? Why is a B team player asking for like a 600% salary increase? I have a similar issue trying to sign players outside my club to replace him. They are all asking for ridiculous amounts for players that aren't going to feature for the first time.
  3. Long story short; How do I get players for my B team to ask for realistic B team wages and not first team wages? So I'm playing my Mallorca save. Found my feet in the Spanish first div. Got my B team into the 2nd div by sending all the players I slowly replaced on the 1st team to the B team. Mallorca's debt as a club made the first 2 years REALLY tough... 3 years in I'm starting to need new signings to the B team and renew a lot of existing contracts. It has been a problem for awhile that for some reason my B team players ask for 1st salary rates but I was able to get by. Problem has become severe since I can't sign new players for the B team; even total crap players ask for salaries waaaay too high for any B team player. Anyone I sign assumes they play for the first team it seems in term of salary. I can't even renew contracts of B team players because they ask for 3 or 4 times their original B team salary. Some of them I already gave them a salary they didn't deserve on the first renewal. Long story short; How do I get players for my B team to ask for realistic B team wages and not first team wages?
  4. WhiskeyDingo

    Which Striker to sign?

    Well Bruno's club is less interested in selling and the way I'm trying to structure the deals both clubs end up asking 8-9 million for either player. I only need one and can really afford one if I want to address other squad needs. Good point about the salary; but in another tab it says Bruno would be asking for 1.0 - 1.4 million while Neal would ask for 2.0 - 4.3 million salary although I can probably get both to ask for less. So cost wise the difference is only about 1 million in salary. I'm willing to pay more salary for the better long term player. I'm just totally torn as to which that is. So hard to pick!
  5. I have an 18 year old with 3 star ability and 5 star potential that didn't really grow this season even playing regularly for the first team. Is he too young to gain experience proper from top level games? I don't think it is laziness because criticizing his training doesn't produces any changes either and it is never cited as an issue in his training reports. His determination is 10 but I have players his age with less determination growing a lot. What is the deal?
  6. WhiskeyDingo

    Best Feeder Teams

    If you want amazing youth players SLB Portugal always has the best in FM17.
  7. WhiskeyDingo

    Which Striker to sign?

    Link to player comparison. https://imgur.com/a/DBYuK Both can play as Complete Forward or False 9 roles. The blue player is 6'4, 23 years old, and 'fairly sporting' personality. 4.5 filled stars potential. The green player is 5'7, 21 years old, and 'fairly professional' personality. 4 filled stars potential with the 5th star filled black. Totally torn on who to sign. Both fill the roles I want up top. Suggestions?