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  1. When the game starts in Fm17 the top 10 leagues are as follows 1. La Liga (9 of the last 10 Champions and Europa League cups, or 16 of the last 24, have all gone to Spanish clubs...) 2. EPL (Very distant second...) 3. Bundesliga 4. Serie A 5. Portugal (France's Ligue 1 is usually #5 and bumps back up almost guaranteed in 1 or 2 seasons) 6. Ligue 1 7. Russian Premier 8. Belgian Pro League 9. Ukrainian League 10. Eredivisie (Dutch) 7-10, in addition to the Austrian and Turkish leagues, will move around year on year but most will always stay in the top 7-13 leagues overall. You can occasionally see the Danish, Greek, Polish, Croatian, Belarussian, Czech, or Swiss leagues make an appearance in the 11-14 ranks. None with any consistency really though. So yea those would be the top 19 leagues in Europe.
  2. Same issue. Also when the game starts in fm17 there are a lot of young players who have roles like Complete Forward, RPM, Regista but a few years later in there are ZERO new gens anywhere from any club that are even partially these roles....
  3. In Fm17 I ALWAYS sign Charlie Taylor, LB for $1 million from Leeds United if I can possibly afford him. Crazy good for so cheap. He does the Job for the next 6+ years and virtually no one is an upgrade on him unless I spend +40 million. His 16 crossing gets him assists for days and he has solid technical and mental stats. His physicals stats are superb, especially his natural fitness/stamina. He has run over 10 miles in a match for me and played the next one no problem. He barely needs a rest/backup and seems to never get injured.
  4. Frankly I usually go by which kit / logo I like the best. Sometimes it is cool to look at the club histories and take a club with some history down on its luck back to the top. (I'm doing this currently with Mallorca in Spain; club that made Samuel' Eto in the 90s. Dropped to the 3rd division in real life last year sadly. If neither of those appealed to you finally I'd look at the squad list of most of the clubs in those leagues and see if there is one that would fit the kinds of players you want who will handle the kind of tactics you want to bring in.
  5. So Update: 2 months further into the game and his coach and training report have only gotten more confusing. It still says 'playing close to full potential' but now the black stars are back so it shows him having 4 1/2 stars potential with black stars again. These stars had disappeared in the January pic I posted above. ' I'm now more confused than ever if this player still has more room to develop or not. Which is an issue because Stoke are hovering and I figure I can get over 34 million from them for him which is insanely tempting! If this player is already pretty much developed at 3 1/2 stars i'd have to do it! If he can keep developing into a 4 1/2 star player then I should keep him. But I have no way of knowing. His coaching report says close to full potential while his stars say he has more room to improve. Which do I listen to?
  6. They just were in terrible form at the beginning of the season. Not unlike Real. But it cost them in the group stage. If they played like they had in the second half of the season they could have been in for another final. They didn't even look like they had to make much effort against Arsenal or Marseille to win the Europa. If they lose Girezmann to Barca though he will be hard to replace and could knock the team back.
  7. What club are you playing? I started a LLM game in Vanarama league of England with Dartford and I wouldn't say I get better players than the one I cleared out in terms of ability the first summer. Rather I just found the best free agents who would who had highest 4 or 5 key stats for the position I was looking for. Rather than being outright 'better' the players just had their points better allocated into key stats for the position/role. Thing is every team has terrible players in the lower league. Often the top tier leagues are more unbalanced competitively I find. So you should be able to compete well or even win if you get your tactics right even without clearing out entire squads. I think I get rid of somewhere between 4-8 players usually when I start a game and make do with the rest. By 3 seasons in though it is an entirely different team than what I started with.
  8. Real life this year Atletico Madrid won the Europa League, and they started in the CL and were knocked out of their group stage down to the Europa league.
  9. Nope, he came to me able to play both as an Inside Forward and Complete Forward. Part of what made him so appealing and why I liked him enough he was my first signing.
  10. I agree except since he is Brazilian he is taking up one of the 3 foreign player slots in the squad. I'd love to keep him at least as a back up long term but there are so many good players I find on the cheap outside the EU i don't know if i can justify it. Also I can also cash in on the massive jump in value he has had to 11 million to beef up my power in the transfer market... Guess i'll probably keep him around another season maybe but probably not longer unless my coaches are totally wrong about him. Unfortunate...
  11. I selected the option to disable attribute masking when I setup the game so I spend less time scouting, which can be really time consuming and menial, and annoying when mis-scouting happens which was an issue with an initially poor club like Mallorca. I guess now that I think about it the reports that say he is 'close to full potential' and his stars being filled out is based on the coach's perception though and not unmasked by the option I selected at the start? I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on him and notice when his stats stop improving? Ultimately I'm not really worried about how many's 'stars' he has. But if he isn't going to keep developing I need to move him on in the summer most likely and bring in someone with more potential. This is really unfortunate though because I really liked this player and he is a big fan favorite... so getting rid of him might end up being problematic.
  12. So I signed a 17 year old Brazilian Complete/Inside Forward from Bahia for 800k as my very first signing in my Mallorca coaching campaign. About 3 years in the coach report says he is playing 'close to full potential' and his star potential is filled out now at 3 1/2 stars. (he came to me like 3 stars current ability and 5 star potential ability albeit with black stars} Does this mean he is not going to improve at all anymore soon? If so I just find it strange a 20 year old would be fully developed and not improve.... Important to know because if he isn't going to grow much more I should start looking for his replacement and maybe I can sell him. I'd probably have to sell him if he doesn't start because he takes up one of the 3 foreign player spots. Just sucks because I figured he had at least another 3 years of developing to do and thought he could be my first choice for a decade.
  13. So I'm going to start a game in the 6th division of English soccer or the Vanarama north/south leagues. I wanted to make this somewhat realistic so my manager only has a National B License, Semi-Pro player experience, and is not even English but Spanish. I have already selected either Whitehawk or Dartford to be my club. My question is how do I make the most of my very limited points from only Semi-Pro Experince? Man Management, Determination, Level of Discipline, Adaptability, Motivating, which do I need to maximize with my small point pool and which can I ignore? Unlike the tactical coach points which I can earn badges and grow over time these other stats will never grow from what I understand so I need to do the best I can with allocating them at the start. Also; has anyone gone on to have long term high level success with a coach with only Semi-Pro level of player experience? Is there a 'ceiling' to my success to a certain point or can I work my way up to managing a top team just fine? Thanks!
  14. I'll give a specific example. I have a 20 year old youth product winger who is simply not ready for the first team. He is totally at the B Team level. His current contract is for 50k p/a... but he is now demanding a contract that I can only negotiate down to like 280k? Why is a B team player asking for like a 600% salary increase? I have a similar issue trying to sign players outside my club to replace him. They are all asking for ridiculous amounts for players that aren't going to feature for the first time.
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