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  1. Which Striker to sign?

    Well Bruno's club is less interested in selling and the way I'm trying to structure the deals both clubs end up asking 8-9 million for either player. I only need one and can really afford one if I want to address other squad needs. Good point about the salary; but in another tab it says Bruno would be asking for 1.0 - 1.4 million while Neal would ask for 2.0 - 4.3 million salary although I can probably get both to ask for less. So cost wise the difference is only about 1 million in salary. I'm willing to pay more salary for the better long term player. I'm just totally torn as to which that is. So hard to pick!
  2. I have an 18 year old with 3 star ability and 5 star potential that didn't really grow this season even playing regularly for the first team. Is he too young to gain experience proper from top level games? I don't think it is laziness because criticizing his training doesn't produces any changes either and it is never cited as an issue in his training reports. His determination is 10 but I have players his age with less determination growing a lot. What is the deal?
  3. Best Feeder Teams

    If you want amazing youth players SLB Portugal always has the best in FM17.
  4. Which Striker to sign?

    Link to player comparison. https://imgur.com/a/DBYuK Both can play as Complete Forward or False 9 roles. The blue player is 6'4, 23 years old, and 'fairly sporting' personality. 4.5 filled stars potential. The green player is 5'7, 21 years old, and 'fairly professional' personality. 4 filled stars potential with the 5th star filled black. Totally torn on who to sign. Both fill the roles I want up top. Suggestions?