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  1. Season 9 After coming so close last year I was pretty confident we would bag at least one of the trophies this time round. We walked the league. Man City set the early pace but once we went top it was never in doubt. 11 points clear of 2nd place Utd. multiple image upload We under performed / ran into big teams early doors in the domestic cups being knocked out by Liverpool (league cup) and Man Utd (FA cup) respectively. Then onto the Champions League. On route to the final we put Monaco (6:1); Man City (8:1) & PSG (8:4) to the sword. Barcelona met us in the final with home advantage as it was being played at the Nou Camp. It was a nervy affair. We went in at half time 1-0 down so I made some attacking changes. We equalise in the 69th minute and really should have scored a few more. We pick up an early goal in extra time and hold on to secure the win. multiple image upload What a journey. I've really enjoyed the ride but to be honest if we hadn't won the CL at the end of this season I'd have to walked away for a bit after what happened the season before. Last season's star performers multiple image upload multiple image upload
  2. Season 8 So close. So so close. How have I not picked up one of the trophies?!? Firstly the league. Brutal. I've been going back and forth with Man Utd all season. I'm one point clear on the last day of the season. Its my 3rd game in 5 days. My squad are broken and battered. I've tried to rotate between the games but we just ran out of legs. We lose away to Southampton on the last game as Ziegler see's red in the second half just when it looks like we are getting back into it. 2nd again. We picked up another FA Cup but its all about the Champions League. We're up against Man City. We've both enjoyed a victory over the other. Both thrillers. 4-2 Man City at their place and 4-1 to the Boro at ours (well Reading as the stadium is still being built). Its a great start as we go 1-0 up early. Its fiesty with 4 cards in the first 25 minutes. I tell my players to stay on their feet. Ziegler picks up a second yellow in the 30th min (the FM rage meter is at max). He's let us down again. Man City quickly turn it around. We have 3 or 4 real good chances but it finishes 2-1. It was a great run putting out Bayern (3-2 agg) then Real (7-2 agg) and finally Barca (5-1 agg) before falling short in the final. We go again. I've got £120m to spend and a strong squad to build on. Next year will be our year.
  3. Season 7 Wow massively exceeded expectations and finished 2nd in the Prem (1st season). The title was never on but due to a strong run at the end of the season we finished ahead of the likes of Man City and Chelsea. Again I was forced into a tricky decision at the start of the year and had to accept an offer for my best player. Fall went off to West Ham for £20m which allowed me to wheel and deal in the transfer market. I brought in nearly an entire new squad (about 4 players remain from my Championship promotion). I also managed to sell Timmins for £9m to Ross County (where the F did Ross County get £9m?!? ) For whatever reason once in the Prem I could secure a work permit for just about everyone so I searched far and wide for talent. My wage budget is still pretty small and not too many players want to come to Farnborough but Arioli was probably my best find. He set me back just £1.5m and was given wonderkid status initially. He probably has progressed as far as he can but I might keep him around for next season. That being said my star performer was a young Italian upstart on loan from Napoli. His stats speak for themselves (if his mental stats were a little bit better he would be unstoppable) and he topped the charts in terms of goals and assists (took corners). Napoli wont let me keep Caselli for another season but if he ever becomes available I will do my best to bring him back to the 'Boro. We also picked up the FA cup...smashing West Ham 5-2 at Wembely. With restrictions on the number of Foreign players we can have in the squad (17) its going to be difficult to build a squad that can compete on two fronts. I have no home grown at club players and very few home nation players. I will try and pick up some home grown talent in the summer but they usually all come through the big clubs and there's little to no chance of signing them.
  4. Season 6 We are Premier League! After narrowly missing out on promotion in our first season in National League South we have bounced our way up the leagues and will be in the Prem next season. Championship was a cake-walk...racking up 105 points we're going up as Champions. I sold my best defender (Stuart Williamson) at the start of the season as I got an offer I couldnt refuse (£5m + 50% sell on) but the board didnt give me very much of it to reinvest in the squad so I was (yet again) heavily reliant on loan signings. I did however manage to finally bring in one of the young Africans I'd had an eye on for a season or so. The hard Brexit has made it really challenging but Serigne Fall proved a great signing and was better than the outgoing Stuart Williamson (see previous post for screenshot) Yet again Blair and Timmins helped fire me to promotion. Blair notched nearly a goal a game. Timmins had 28 goals and 28 assists in 36 starts. We're building a new stadium (just 15k) next season so we've agreed to ground share with Reading for the next two years. I've got a £20m budget so I should be able to finally start to build a squad of our own and not rely on loans...that being said if there are a few wonderkids who can be brought in for a season or two from the big boys I wont turn them away.
  5. Season 5 Onwards and upwards. Champions again. This time setting goals / points / and disciplinary records (I like to get stuck in ). multi hosting 20 points ahead of Blackburn in second might be the biggest margin I've won a league by. I also had a good run in the League Cup but eventually succum to Brighton in the semi's. Again I leaned on the loan market heavily but I've picked up one or two gems relatively cheap. Firstly Dave Timmons who doesn't look like much but at League One level hes very handy. I picked up Dave for £14k from Telford last season. He started the season as 5th or 6th choice striker but due to the limit on loan players he ended up cementing a play in the first team and progressed to become (according to my Assistant) our highest ability striker. multi hosting However I feel my best striker is Stuart Blair. Blair initially agreed to join on a bosman but as I had some spare funds and few players in my squad who weren't on loan I paid Derry £80k to bring him in early. He hit the ground running with hat-tricks in his first two appearance and whilst he had a few baron spells he ultimately was my top scorer with 32 in all comps. multi hosting The hard Brexit has been an absolute wounder. I've found a couple VERY good Africans who agreed to sign for the Boro but due to lack of appearances or low International ratings I could get them permits. Hopefully I can find a few more who are interested now I'm in the Championship but if not I will keep stocking my squad with loans.
  6. Season 4 Ei-Ei-Ei-O Up the football league we go! The Boro are run-away champions of League 2. anonymous image hosting Thanks to numerous loans and a few young prospects we stormed the league and even managed to get to the 4th round of the FA Cup taking out Northampton, Southend and Derby before Chelsea smashed 4 past us. Two young strikers helped fire us to promotion. Firstly Arnor Borg Gudjohnson (who I assumed was the son of the great man but having googled it he is a half-brother. Incredible genes in that family). 32 goals in 35 games!!! anonymous image hosting But my favourite this season was Neil Brock. He's a diminutive (5'7) regen I loaned from Villa but he always seemed to notch the winner (I dont know if anyone else makes up songs for their players but whenever Brock bagged I'd sing...stop the Brock...cant stop the Brock...you cant stop the Brock....repeat until bored) anonymous image hosting I also splashed out £120k on Stuart Williamson. He's played ok and has bags of potential so he will definetly be sticking around for next season unless the big boys come sniffing. anonymous image hosting
  7. 3rd Season As I hoped we managed to maintain the momentum and will be bouncing our way into the Football League next season. Orient had the lead up to 7 games out but once we went top it never looked in danger. I convinced Gillingham to let us have DW for another season and he didnt dissapoint. Far and away my best performer and picked up Player Of The Year and Golden Boot. We also made it to Wembley again for the FA Trophy but lost out to Telford. Looking forward to LG2. Going professional should mean we can attract a better quality of player and maybe after dragging the club up the leagues the board will finally let me have a parent club.
  8. 2nd Season Champions!!! We somewhat ran away with the league but Dulwich kept us honest up until about February. After losing Cureton early in the first campaign disaster struct again when another injury to a main striker meant I had to scramble for a replacement. Low and behold this little gem was loaned to us by The Gills and helped fire us to promotion. We also took home the FA Trophy. The final turned into a bit of a blood bath with bookings galore and two reds for the 'Boro but we hung on for a hard earned 1-0. (Yes thats Armand Traore of ex Arsenal / Pompey / QPR / Forest fame. He clearly loves his football as he joined us in January on a non-contract basis) Im hoping we can take the momentum from the double and go again next season and get up into the Football League. I dont imagine many of the current squad will be with my next season so I will be scowering the free transfers and loan market once again in the summer. However I've been hit with the 'brutal' brexit which means even our Irish cousins need a work permit so I will be very restricted on who I can bring in.
  9. 1st Season Media Prediction: 22nd Finished: 2nd (lost in playoff semi) I wasn't sure what my goals would be for the first season with such a small squad / budget but we ended missing out on promotion via the playoffs (despite dominating the game). Catching the moneybags of Billericay was always going to be a big ask and in the end they ran away with the league. However the season was bitter sweet for more than just the playoff loss. Our talisman Jamie Cureton injured his cruciate ligaments about 12 games in and subsequently retired. He had a goal a game ratio so it was a sad way for his never ending journey of a career to end. Best signing: Despite his name Yacine is an Irishman (go figure). Chipping in with 14 goals and more impressively 19 assists he was influential in most of our attacking play and I'm hoping he sticks around for next season. After coming so close this season the goal for next is promotion but it will be a big challenge as I have no stand out players and zero money so exploiting the loan and free transfers will determine how we go next year.
  10. After 18 attempts I was starting to lose patience but eventually Farnborough appeared and I've gladly accepted the challenge to take them all the way up. Currently theres only 13 players but one of them is the legendary Jamie Cureton. Wish me luck
  11. I've been looking for a challenge to re-kindle my FM flame and this looks like the one. Going to try and get Farnborough as a option as I've had a previous save with them on an older FM so I have a soft spot for them.
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