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  1. I got 19 league's and 48.000 palyers. I just uploaded the savegame. Helsinki.fm Hope you can help me with this. Kinda sick of saving every week inside the game in case it shuts down with the staging error
  2. Hi Neil. Just between matches, when i press space to go to the next day. The error has been the same with all my savegames. Its never in the matches only when i go to the next day. After i posted this i set the quality from medium to low, and i have now played a few months and it seems ok. Not got the staging error since. Just like when i set it from high to medium. Atm im at work so dont remember but think its around 10-14 leagues with a big database. I will check the players and load up the savegame in a few hours.
  3. Hi. I keep getting this error and the game shuts down. To be honest its getting very frustrating. My first save lasted all the way to around 2030 before it stopped working (early januray real life). Then i started again in Brazil and it lasted 1 season before i got the Staging error. Again i tried a new save, it lasted half a season in Finland. At this time i start reading around here and did pretty much all the options i could find. I deleted all the name fix and logo packs i had from the start. After that, i did this and all the things below, i started a new save again. This time it lasted 1,5 season in Finland pure original game. Just when it started to get funny and interesting i got that bloddy staging error again. (actually thought i had manage to get rid at this time) I bought a new Asus notebook PC just for this game. I got Intel I5 7th gen, Nvidia Gefore GTX card (yes i got a intel graphics card also) and enough RAM. Which makes this Staging error even more frustrating, i spent alot of money so i could fully enjoy this wonderful game. I really hope you lads can help me. I hope i can contiune my current save in Finland and its not broken, i have deleted all my old saves. * I have tried to uninstall and install the game 2-3 times * I have deleted the cached files * I have updated my graphics card drivers * Deleted the directX and installed again * Added FM on my graphics card * Set the graphics in game to medium from high. DxDiag.txt *edit* I got Mcafee antivirus installed.
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