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  1. I think it would be interesting to add a welcome messege at the very first day you take a team, with some information about the league you're going to play or about the club. Something like last winners, traditional favourite clubs, the way the squads like to play traditionally in the country (More defensively in Italy, and more attacking in Brazil for example). Record managers or famous players. Or something like information about the way B teams or Reserve teams are managed in that places (In Spain or Italy B teams or "primavera" squads are more like youth squads, while in England they're a reserve team where are mixed unfit senior players with youngsters). I'm thinking about bringing information in the game already like records, rules, favourite players in front of the action in the beginning of the competitions or whenever in news or media messeges, to give more interaction and realism to game.
  2. I think it would be necesary to create the job of Academy Director for a club, as a person who coordinates all the juniors squads. Also it would be interesting, AI conceding Academy Player of the year as a way to boost the atention on youth players.
  3. Sorry if this have been mentioned befored. I think SET PIECES needs some improvement. I would like to include in my team some playbook like in basketball, set these plays and put in practice in matches. I think is a common way in football today.
  4. Only two things more: Improvement in the set peaces. More work with programed plays, functions for every player, ways or places to shot the corners,...set peaces are nowdays one of the most important and decisives aspects of the football. The possibility to add managers, physios, fitness coaches, from one country using the ddt's files. THanx!
  5. I would like to see in the information club screen a space for a photo of the stadium . Like Faces in the game there wouldn't be necessary to include all the photos in the original game, only the possibility to insert them. It would be great to know What some team's stadium like
  6. In the player personal profile records. I think it would be more informative and more complete if there is included if the player has participated in some important competition with his national team, included "under" teams. For example: Played for the NT in the EURO 2002 "Under 19".
  7. I hope these ideas can help to build a better game. There could be the possibility to create your "working group" You as a manager, taking your confidence assistants (fitness, goalie coach) and taking with you at new clubs where you were contracted. Also you could force the clubs to contract all the "working group" (not only you) in the negotiation of your contract.
  8. it would also be tantalizing from a scouting point of view. all those u20s, all fairly likely to get work permits... eeeexcellent. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yes, I think with the actual Data Base and the loads of youngsters in the game there would be no problem to see in the game Under-17 tournaments. As you said this is a great oportunity for you to capt youngsters for your team, in a very reallistic way.
  9. Youth world Cup I think this is the only great competition to be included for the game. I can realize that it's hard because it means to create Under-20 teams all over the world but I think this a really important competition and it would worth.
  10. Hello! Sorry if my wishes has been writen before. I Think Preseason needs an improvement. I think it would be great to set the planning more accurately. With concentrations in an specific place (like Real Madrid in Switzerland), tours accross countries all over the world for wich our team could has been invited. Real Preseason Tournaments, with real dates and teams, Players coming from holydays in a very bad condition, More kilos, delays in the return to the club. Ass coach giving you a weekly opinion about the develop of the fitness in this period.
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