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  1. hi jimmy I have gone to play it today and it works now??? thanks for the help don't know if it was a drivers update or a windows one but they all seem up to date as they where when I last checked
  2. when I go to play fm19 I get the above code come up and cant play the game anyone able me ???
  3. hi @Neil Brock I did the first 3 and then deleted and re installed and I now have a working copy again so thanks to you and @Felix Wilkie for your help Mike
  4. @Neil Brock no I'm not running any custom skins/logos/graphics or any other add-ons .
  5. no sorry I haven't been able to. I have updated every driver and os system update I could find and still still cant get it to go past the fm18 logo screen @Felix Wilkie. even deleted it uninstalled and re installed and still the same
  6. is the editior a free file? as the only one I can find is the dlc in game editor @Felix Wilkie
  7. when I go to play my fm 18 via steam it comes up with Logged to channel: warnings and errors : language data not found function: 'SITOOLKIT::LOG_MANAGER::display_error' file: '..\..\generic\logs\log_manager.cpp line:197 please help I have verified files and deleted it and re installed it thanks mike
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