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  1. Hello Knap i need some advice i started a new save with liverpool i decided to not make any transfers for the firts year my tactics are primary the new beast 4132 wulf foe home away is 4141 beowulf and my third tac wulf442wm.....if you have liverpool with no transfers the 11 for at least my first tac 4132????
  2. oh knap sorry again a little hepl in the masterplan mentality Optimalprimal82 say about sus and CTRL (control).....can you tell me how i can make this???
  3. sorry knap again with movement ppm you mean moves into channels or gets forward???or somethning else.... sorry again mate....
  4. thanks again mate you are the best.....
  5. Hello knap dou you have any ppm for the players....in any position..... thanks for your time
  6. pilgrimage for all home games????and which version.......
  7. hello ormgul nice explanatio of the god tactic from knap....i hane just onre question what dou you mine with fergie's hairdryer treatment at halftime???
  8. Hello Knap i want some advice if you can....I pick my favourite team Panionios Greek Superleague CA about 120 i think is sub top team.....i decide to use 343ARGUS18.2.2 P102 because of the testing in mr l tactics,it has the best rating 70 i think maybe a SUS tactic for keeping my score and offcourse for hard away and home games i will use counter or control based on the other users in the forum for the ARGUS....and offcourse my own type of squad.What do you think about that???? PS 1)Do you have Set piece adv or tip....anything???? 2) Indv train. the position that you have for the tactic?? Thanks for your time mate again.....
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