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  1. The Dutch league is perfect for me. 34 games, only one cup, also relegation playoffs for European competition and relegation.
  2. Whenever I start a save with Ajax on FM18 I always end up with a takeover attempt, all of them successful but some take three months while some take a matter of days. Is this takeover hard coded into the game? How can I stop this from happening? With the editor is it possible? I like the board as it is and don't want it to change. If it wants to reflect real life effects then it should start from the beginning of the save so I don't get into a transfer embargo each time since it's right in the middle of the window/pre-season.
  3. Same issue, good luck getting a reply soon. SI’s customer service is awful.
  4. Yeah so I’m near the end of my first season playing with two different managers, and my save is crashing on May 6th, 2018 every single time! It usually happens after I’ve finished my match on the same date and I’ve tried everything listed below so I’m gonna need a fix that is not one of these @ Sports Interactive. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error 1) Reloaded the save 2) Reloaded save from 5 previous points (yeah, this is how buggy this years game is, I have had to make 5 BACKUPS!) 3) Holidayed past the game date the crash occurs 4) Cleared cache and reloaded 5) Removed any custom graphics/skins/pictures 6) Went to Steam, verified game files and cache (twice) Anything else you would like me to try in order to get my game working? Also I’d like to add that even before this particular crash I’ve had numerous crashes, it’s always the same damn one! Usually reloading would work but now I can’t even go beyond May 6th, 2017!!! This year’s FM is buggy as hell and I’m sure I’m not in the minority. And the customer service I’ve gotten so far is horrible dealing with SI has been awful so let’s hope for some speedy replies this time!
  5. Why the has the FM editor have to be so damn complicated! All I've been trying to do is create a simple 32 Team Straight Knockout Cup which grabs the winners of 32 Cup competitions in Europe. Should be simple but no, it's proving to be impossible! I don't even want to mess with the coefficients and anything, just 32 countries I've chosen to play in one tournament. What do I Have to do?
  6. My last save on FM17 was a good one. Only started playing FM since 2015 onwards so... 5 seasons at Den Haag, 6 at Fiorentina and another 5 at Chelsea. 3 Cups and Europa with Den Haag 2 Serie A and 2 Cups in Fiorentina 4 PL’s and 2 Champions Leagues with Chelsea Would have gone on but FM18 came out so I stopped! I know it’s hardly that long, 16 seasons. Usually get bored once all the players I know have retired.
  7. You can start as low as Level 24, there are plenty of mods available for this. Without mods I think the game only goes to Level 6, although I’m not too sure.
  8. The funniest thing about the game was you could have a whole family with a wife and kids and everything, spend it on stocks and buy cars, watches and yatchts and stuff with your salary, was such an unserious Football sim
  9. I absolutely agree with both of you, it was just a general thought I had which would make FM so much better, it wasn’t a criticism towards FM, which like I said in my post is much more detailed and in depth while FIFA Manager is more for the casual gamer. Licenses has never really been an issue for me at all thanks you to amazing modding community FM has, it almost seems pointless for SI to ever spent money on trying to get them.
  10. Does anyone remember the old FIFA Manager series? Back in the day before I got into FM I used to religiously play that game every year (think it got discontinued in 2014) and even though FM is by far (country mile) the more in depth and realistic Football manager sim experience and superior game out of the two, I can admit FIFA Manager nailed a few things that SI have been a bit “lazy” with (apart from the neater presentation and licences but that is just about rights and cosmetics) If you are familiar with that game you’d know that the FIFA Manager series had an in game database of literally every stat possible. Honestly, there were records of everything within a particular league or competition. Fastest goals, youngest goal scorers, an all time top 100 lists for goals, best super subs, most goals per minute, most hatricks, apps in the league, just thousands of records like that which added to the game experience which I feel is sorely lacking in the FM series. Compared to FM’s basic record keeping which is limited to a few tournament records, attendances, etc. FIFA Manager’s depth was INSANE! I could honestly get lost for hours trawling through the records generated in the game. (I’ve enclosed a couple of screenshots the only ones I could find for those are who aren’t familiar) I am not that good with video game developing and coding but would that be that hard to implement? I mean the database is huge as it is so having a better set of historical data couldn’t be that difficult. I mean sure it’s not an important priority but I feel it would add a whole new dynamic to your save, looking up records you’ve set and broke over the years, taking pride in your Regen or young striker breaking into the Top 20 goal scorers in the league’s history. Anyone else feel this way? (Sorry for the long text, I’m Dutch so english is not my main language)
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