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  1. wow come to think about it, why didn't they just have the world cup at Qatar and 'pretend' the conditions were ok for a summer world cup? Would have been much less hassle I think.
  2. Its possible to edit it manually through the Pre-game editor. Advanced rules-prize money section. But yes, I guess I should raise it up with the developers when fm19 comes out or something.
  3. Well, La Liga signed a more equitable prize money deal a short time ago and I think FM just didn't implement it. As far as I can understand, the original deal meant that Barcelona and Real Madrid got the lion's share regardless of position (this was implemented in the game through 'sponsorships' for the two clubs.) This fits in with your observation that only those two clubs would end up succeeding. So FM is a bit late at updating changes maybe?
  4. Thanks! Not sure if you're still interested but I think the reason why La Liga tends to lag behind the prem in FM is the disparity in prize money. If I'm not mistaken, the La liga prize money should be updated from 4million euros for 1st place to 40 million euros for 1st place and so on! I've edited it using the pre game editor.
  5. Loved yuri getting his first goal. . . Is there any other youth prospects you think are underrated? I tend to boost Guruzeta, Simon, Muñoz, Vicente, and Nolaskoain. Oh yeah and a bunch of youngsters from other clubs. . .
  6. Well this is my striker Williams with 17 goals in the middle of the second season... Not really sure if I'm consistently getting lucky.
  7. So I'm the only one who uses Iñaki as the primary goalscorer? Guess I got lucky. . .
  8. Well in my save Williams is a 3.5star complete forward in the second season. Currently rotating with Aduriz and guruzeta in front. Try patiently playing him he'll improve. Oh and playing him in front of Raul garcia seems to do wonders.
  9. Sure I usually give la liga youngsters who I think are underrated -7.5 or-8 Would love it if they did the same.
  10. FM seriously underrated la liga youngsters. . . Had to upgrade guruzeta and nolaskoain potential last year
  11. Probably your game's lalana prefers retirement rather than playing for a bad prem team. . .
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