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  1. In real life there are players that get bought for depth, and never play much. Examples could be backup goalkeepers. Plus my team has a striker that played 45 minutes this season.
  2. Purple Frog

    Ideas to make FM harder

    Improve the managers and reload when top players from other teams get excessive injuries?
  3. It's probably because no foreign team got özils fancy. IRL, many pre contracts are signed not during the winter transfer window, but late in the season or even during the summer
  4. Question from a bystander :is this issue like universal??
  5. Question from a bystander :is this issue like universal??
  6. Purple Frog

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I'm sad for ganea though. . . He signed only for us to sign Yuri too.. . Hope players like guruzeta get a well deserved boost!
  7. Purple Frog

    Cancelling agreed transfers

    well you can justify this by thinking his parents moved near your club for work reasons:) That's how Basque-only Athletic club ends up with Colombian and Cameroonian youngsters IRL. So I guess you can rationalize it that way.
  8. I've realized that regens of the club Athletic club, Real sociedad, and Alaves are exclusively spanish-basque. This happens even if they get foreign feeder clubs. I propose that these clubs get French basque or foreigner Basque regens to get along with reality.
  9. This is a question Ive found a bug where certain players of AI teams cant be registered to their teams and I've filed a complaint. Now I'm curious if I could manipulate the in game editor to register these players for the AI. Anyone know if this is possible? I haven't bought the in game editor yet and wont bother if this isn't possible.
  10. Oh so existing bugs wont be fixed? That's sad. . .
  11. Purple Frog

    All local youth intake

    I think there is a way to test if this is a bug Check the youth intake of swansea: if there are no foreigners it means that foreign clubs in english leagues are coded to have only their country's intake.
  12. Ok so I'll give my opinion. The transfer market is pretty realistic if you load enough leagues and have a good enough computer. Free kicks-well it depends I think its realistic barring players like Enis Bardhi and Messi -who go on a hot streak and score multiple freekicks a season in real life but are limited to like 3 a season at best in game Bugs-almost non existant if you aren't into micromanaging teams (I am and found one ) all in all I think it's worth it with the sale RN.
  13. Purple Frog

    [Spain] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thank you I really appreciate what all of you do:)
  14. Purple Frog

    B team registration error?

    Well that's not exactly what I wanted but it might solve my problem I think. Anyway SI are working on it so hopefully I may be able to play fm again in couple a weeks