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  1. Steam has automatically updated my game to 14.3. I was just about to start a new game and want to start it without the latest January transfers Is it possible to go back to an older version once the latest update has been installed?
  2. Got the afternoon off work, double clicked on the FM13 icon and get this message: "Steam failed to load: *SteamStartEngine(0xbfffdfa4) failed with error 1: A Steam Engine Instance already exists" any ideas?
  3. Think thats the wifes plan.......
  4. Looks like Im on my own is this decision then!!
  5. Due to the fact that we have a young baby I only get a few hours a week to play as oppose to what used to be a few hours a day, this means that I have kept interest in a game for much longer than before where I used to play it so much then suffer burnout and get bored, so Im still playing FM12. Ive been playing the same game for nearly a year now on and off and Im in 2035. I manage US Quevilly in France and have turned them from 3rd division minnows playing in front of 1500 fans to the biggest club in France with 50,000 every week. We have won the league something like 8 years in a row and whilst not being dominant in europe we have one champions league and a europa cup to our name. I have done all of this under youth only rules, so I have never signed a player, Ive only used players who come through my youth academy. That's where Im thinking of making a change. Whilst Im still enjoying playing, because I never scout or sign anyone its becoming a bit monotonous, so Im thinking of allowing transfer but I dont want to do it then it ruins the feel of the game and give up. What do you guys think? * Shall I just carry on as I am now and see how big I can get the club on just my youth players? (the ultimate aim was to be the most succesful club in every competition we play in, ie most french league titles ever, most champions league wins ever etc) * Shall I allow myself to sign under 16's? Under 17s? 18 and under? (I probably wouldnt sign anyone over 18) * If I do sign players shall I stick to France? Europe? Worldwide? Cheers
  6. Editing the stadium name

    Sorry Im starting to sound like a broken record but I still cant get this to work. I'm playing FM12 so dos the file go in 1220>inc>all or 1200>inc>all How do I create a file? I know how to create a new folder but not sure how to create a new file! Sorry im very computer illiterate!
  7. Editing the stadium name

    I'm getting really confused by this! I opened a new folder is that not right?
  8. Editing the stadium name

    What am I right clicking on? The stadium.lnc file? As when I right click on that there is no "open with" option. I'm using Windows. Thanks in advance
  9. Editing the stadium name

    How do I open the file with note pad?
  10. Editing the stadium name

    Excellent thank you, will give that a try
  11. Playing FM11 and managing US Quevilly in France. After many years we have a new stadium which has been named the very uninspiring and French sounding "Quevilly Stadium". Is there anyway to edit it and change it?
  12. But surely other teams would have a manager and some staff?
  13. Im in 2025 managing in France, I have the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga & Serie A all running at view only as well as all leagues in France. Was just looking through a few english teams and noticed that none of them have any staff other than a chairman, same with every other non french club in the world, what's happened, where has everyone gone or has it always been like this and Ive never noticed before?
  14. Like banging your head against a brick wall!