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  1. Hi, Yep all seems to be working on 20.0.4 thanks I checked the AV and the exceptions for Steam and FM20 were already in there. but i can save and exit a game, all processes end and i can then start FM20 again. Thanks
  2. Hi Neil, this issue seems to have been sorted with the latest update 20.0.3. It hasn't happened since updating from 20.0.2 so hopefully the issue is resolved. Just fyi i do have Bull Guard AntiVirus running. I'll double check to make sure FM20 and Steam are in exceptions. Thanks Barnesy
  3. Hi, After Saving and exiting the game i am unable to start the FM20 again without rebooting my laptop or exiting and restarting Steam. This is because Steam thinks the application is still running. As per Steams instructions i've reinstalled Steam without losing my games. but this still happen although FM20 is no longer staying in task manager in staging like it was before. If you try and start FM20 you get I can exit Steam by force (exit now) as this will run forever. Then when i restart Steam i'm able to start FM20 again. Not sure if this is an FM20 issue or s Steam issue but only getting it with FM20. Not a biggy but would be good to get sorted. Regards Barnesy
  4. Oh spoke too soon or jinxed it. I'll switch Nvidia driver back to too Maximum performance and monitor. FM 2019 v19.1.4.1164389 (2018.11.18 18.37.11).dmp
  5. Hi, Just a quick update I've also changed my Nvidia driver setting back to Optimal Power for 2 days now and so far it's been saving with no crashes. So does look like the latest updates have resolved the ASUS\Nvidia issue with FM19. Thanks again for your continued support and i hope the info i supplied helped in some way I'll continue to monitor it in the following configuration in case I've just Jinxed it: GeForce GTX 1050 Game graphics: Medium GPU: NVidia Processor Power Management mode: Optimal Power Nvidia driver Version: 416.81 FM19.1.4-1164389
  6. Cheers for the update Lorenzinho19, I've still got mine in Max performance for now but let me know if working with no save errors after a week or so and i'll switch back to Optimal power.
  7. Hey lorenzinho19 I've installed the Asus gaming centre and can see what you're saying it does set the GPU frequency at Max. During basic inbox gameplay frequency is at max and Temp is at 50c then during match days and highlights it overclocks and Temps rise to a max of 69c My laptop is set to auto overclock and the temps are well within safety range, as long as they stay below 80-85ish should be ok. All that being said i'm not sure if the max frequency will cause any long-term damage sorry. My gut feeling is that it's not a problem but maybe Neil or the guys at Sigames can answer that?
  8. Hi Neil, I've update my Graphics driver to the latest standard GeForce Nvidia driver from their site. Version 416.81 I've played FM19 on and off most of the day and it seems to have fixed the issue. So far it's done 8 auto saves and i've done 5 manual saves (testing) and all have succeeded. I'll continue to monitor it but looks like you may have cracked it:) Thanks for your continued support on the issue. Regards Tony lorenzinho19 - My laptop is the ZX553V What Nvidia driver are you using? May be worth updating to the latest? My GPU's don't max out anymore during game play like they did when using integrated GPU. see attached screenshot Before when crashing with nvidia GPU ran at Approx 75-85% now it runs a 30-40% hope this helps.
  9. Hi Neil, Think i may have found a reason why Nvidia want Asus users to use old drivers. After a certain Nvidia driver version it Splits the Integrated Intel GPU and the Nvidia GPU this is when the problems start. I currently have Asus Nvidia 399.24 installed and Task manager only shows the shared Intel HD Graphics GPU. Not sure there's anything you can do with this information but just thought i'd point it out. see attached image. Regard Tony
  10. Just as a test i started a new game and it gets past the post-game team talk, So, painful as it is i'll scrap my current save an start again and see how it goes. I'll let you know.
  11. Ok switched back to Asus Nvidia 385.73 from Integrated and played 1 game and the game freezes after the post-game team talk. If i switch back to integrated it works. This is all with my current save i could try a starting a new save?
  12. Hi Neil, Yes i believe it done the update during the restart after reverting back to Asus version 385.73. And the game is still running in Medium. To be sure i'll switch back to Nvidia and run it for a bit too see what happens.
  13. one more update, Using the Asus Nvidia 385.73 driver I played 1 game and FM19 freezes after the end of game team talk. I uninstalled the Nvidia driver again and installed an older Asus version 382.53 and it did the same. I switch back to integrated graphics and it works fine. Not sure where to go from here other than to just install the latest Nvidia drivers again as the year and a half old Asus ones don't work either. Any ideas would be appreciated i've not had this laptop a year yet and am still paying it off so don't want to have to replace it. Regards Tony
  14. Hi Neil, Sorry to say it's happened again even with the Asus Nvidia driver installed? Auto and manually save worked for about 9-10 saves then crashed during an autosave. I've attached new DXdiag and dump file I'm guessing i have to keep downgrading the Asus drivers until it starts working which is just sad. Regards Tony DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.1.2.1161578 (2018.11.08 17.24.00).dmp
  15. Hi Neil, I've downloaded and installed the Asus Nvidia driver as recommended. I'll test and let you know how it goes. The driver removed was Ver 416.34 the Asus driver is a lot older, Ver 399.24. If this works it's a shame i cannot update my Nvidia graphics driver just to play FM19. None of the other games i have on the laptop has a problem with the latest Nvidia drivers. It would be nice if Nvidia/Asus could help you out with this issue if that is the case. Regards Tony
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