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  1. @keysi Thanks! Will be any update for low res?
  2. Hi @keysi! Do you have any plan to update for “Match screen” panels?
  3. Hi, I set all settings in preferences (Zoom out, windowed mode etc) and saved but when I closed the game and restart, it is changing to default all time. How can I fix it? Do you have any suggestion?
  4. That’s cool! Could you please share to intro panel?
  5. You are awesome! Great news! Thanks! @PequenoGenio @keysi
  6. @ Hi keysi! I have a question. My resolution is not fit to size and I want to remove "Season statistics" bar at bottom. (Marked at image) How can I do that? Which panel can I use?
  7. Thanks mate! Good job again. Is it possible to use low res?
  8. Hi, Do you have any plan to share with us this skin? And also with low res?
  9. Altınordu (ID: 8478376) and Niğde Anadolu FK (ID: 70054569) are using same logo and kit ID. Niğde Anadolu FK is pilot club for Altınordu but, they have separate kits and logos.
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