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  1. Hi guys! How can I add club logo on title bar? Can somebody help me? Which panel can I use?
  2. There are mistakes on Niğde Anadolu FK. Its ID is specific but it looks like as Altınordu. When I tried to add kits and logos, Niğde Anadolu FK’s graphics are showing as with Altınordu.
  3. I think if it is possible it can be same as on FM2019. It looks more orderly.
  4. There is a mistake in Turkish 2. League. They are sorting white and red groups under the 2. League but have not got a playable league system. It is just main league name. It can be same as on FM2019.
  5. Hi! How can I change to main font (medium.otf)? I tried, but I could not. Is there anybody to help me?
  6. Hi! How can I change this size or which panel is for this code? Because of it is not fit on windowed and full screen mode. Thank you.
  7. Hi! How can I change size of logos? Because of it isn't fit on page. Is there any changes to do without re-create image size? (ex. panels etc.)
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