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  1. I'm guessing this list was created from one of the transfer updates for 16. I'm pretty sure Di Natale retired in the summer, I know Ronaldinho did. Unfortunately they probably won't be available in fm 17
  2. Finally got round to starting and finishing my first season as the hammers. We managed to clinch 7th place and the last Europa League spot on the final day with a brilliant 3-1 home win over 3rd placed City. It was a strange mix above us with Stoke finishing 4th!?!?! We held out from Newcastle on goal difference which was a relief. In the cups it was a mixed season, we made it all the way to the semis of the capital one where we lost to Newcastle. Opposite to this we went out of the fa cup in a 5th round replay to Bolton. It was probably for the best though as the whole squad was exhausted by this stage. In terms of transfers I cancelled Carroll and Yossi’s loans straight away to save the wages and get small transfer budget. Gary O’Neil was sold to Villa, the fans weren’t happy but it was an important deal as it gave me the money to give new contracts to Nobes, Reid and Collison. Joey O’Brien went in January, again the fans weren’t happy but he had put in a request by now. Players in were Macheda on loan, he finished top scorer with a heroic 11 goals. Odemwingie also came on loan but failed to impress really and was sent back in January just before the ACON in order to save money on wages. Borek Dockal was impressive on the right wing but came to me quite early on saying he was struggling to settle. I allowed him to go home to sort himself out but he later returned with a transfer request. No one has shown any interest yet despite some good performances in the second half of the season. Stefan Strandberg was an unimaginative but brilliant signing, he was probably our best player over the season. Sinan Bolat, Marcelo Estigarribia and Vladimir Weiss are all coming on frees. I have been given a provisional budget of £12 million, of which 3 has already gone on Diego Contento of Bayern. I was afraid they would pull out of the deal after Chelski nabbed Alaba the day we offered a contract but thankfully the game doesn’t appear smart enough to have such concerns. I’m also looking for a new right back and a striker. Jussi and Piqiuonne (finally) are off, probably Demel as well on frees. Linda and Vaz Te will be sold along with Maiga, another one who failed to settle and has seen his value and attributes plummet. In terms on regens I got a very promising right back and a 5 start DM who will probably captain the club one day. He is already rated good enough to play in league 1 by the assistant despite only being 15! Anyway that’s all, I’ll probably be back at the end of season 2.
  3. Haha ah I see. I can't think of anyone else I'm afraid, maybe Schalke but I don't know about the money they start with
  4. Arsenal maybe? I'm not sure what you mean with the board expectations but I think there isn't overwhelming pressure to win the league first season and they have quite a bit of money to spend at the start.
  5. Nation: One of the better European leagues but not England Division: Top flight European Competition: No Media Prediction: doesn't matter Board Expectation(s): Mid-table roughly but not too important Transfer Budget: doesn't matter Wage Budget: doesn't matter Finances: Secure at least Other: Looking for a team that's a decent base to grow
  6. Great work Jim. Hoping the boards input might get a tweak in the update. Considering the word is BFS could get up to £30 million to spend on players and wages if he gets us up we realldy don't get anywhere near that
  7. Not a bad team at all. Is that how you played last season? How did Nolan do in that role?
  8. I played him as TM attack alongside a poacher, was top scorer with 18 in all competitions
  9. That would be a good signing, i'll keep an eye out for him. Seen Essien on the transfer list, if only
  10. First season completed. We were promoted, as champions with a record of 35 wins 8 draws and just 3 defeats leaving us with a record 113 points. The team was brilliant from front to back and its difficult to pick a star player from it all. Ryan Bennett proved to be an excellent addition as some of you have found out. Taylor and Bentley were excellent on the wings, whilst Jack Collison was a star in the middle. Cole and Maynard formed a good partnership so i'm hoping I can keep the latter fit. But for me the best player of the season was James Tomkins. He was a rock at the back finishing with an average rating of 7.35 as well as 9 goals. I'm currently looking for a new target man to replace Carew who was disspointing after a good start. What do people think to Jo? Is available on a free but I can't scout him as he's back in Brazil. A holding midfielder would also be a decent addition, thinking of Hargreaves here depending on wages.
  11. Here he is http://s693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/Liam_1one1/?action=view&current=PedroGuedesOverview_Profile.png
  12. Ah I see, I thought you meant incase you lost him at the end of the season. My apologies. I'm not really sure then to be honest, I've got a portuguese keeper called Pedro Guedes coming on a free but he's only 17 and needs a lot of work. I wouldn't know who to recommend to bring in really.
  13. I see, well I offered Green a new contract just before xmas. Wanted a fair bit I must be honest, including so 30 or 40% increase after we've gone up but he would be hard to replace so I'm happy I got him to sign up. I don't think it would be a problem just up to you if you think he's worth the wages.
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