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  1. Wuilker Farinez from Millonarios in Colombia. 19 year old Venezuelan goalkeeper with unbelievable potential, grows to be a top Premiership 'keeper, only real downside is he isn't that tall and has low-ish stats for jumping and aerial reach. Also, check out FC Liefering and its parent club, RB Salzburg. Both clubs rammed full of youth talents as they are essentially feeder clubs for RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga.
  2. Odd though - check his CA, RCA and PA. Again, I haven't actually edited Mista, just moved him to my club.
  3. I do have the IGE but I only used it to move him to my club as he didn't want to - no stats editing!
  4. Not a player, but I found this coach at Valencia who seems to be pretty Godly
  5. Pal Andre Helland from Rosenborg came to my Hull team for around £4M if I remember... destroyed the Championship in the IF/R position. Rated as having a real problem with injuries but only picked up a couple of small ones in my save, went on to be an important player in the Prem the following year
  6. Thiago Maia has the best set of attributes as a SV in my save. With Ponzio in the DM spot alongside him they are tearing up the Premier League!
  7. Branco Provoste, Buy for under £1M and watch him develop
  8. Thanks for clearing that up, despite my garbled post!
  9. If you loan a player out before he becomes 'home-grown', does this mean he won't be able to reach that status? E.g. in the Premiership, players have to be trained at the club for at least 3 years before they are 21 to fall into this category. Lets say I buy a player a couple of days before his 18th birthday but then immediately loan him out for a season, so he will be owned by my club for 3 years before his 21st birthday, but would play on loan for another club for a percentage of those 3 years.
  10. For top-end Championship teams I found these guys useful: Roman Prochazka / Levski - Decent mezzala/BBM, signed for under £1.5M, very strong mentally, great tutor (17 determination, Model Professional) Steven Moreira / FC Lorient - All round solid RB, signed for £1.8M, strong physically, can do a job in the Premiership too. Zach Clough / Nottm Forest - Small, tricky striker, signed for £3.8M up front and £4M after 50 apps, develops considerably, mixes with the best in the Premiership, future international. Steffen Hagen / Odd - Mentally strong CB, signed for £475k, useful f
  11. Pal Andre Helland from Rosenborg. Injury prone and poor physicals but at 27, he is in his prime. Came to my Championship Hull side for £5M and blew away most of the other teams, and is now doing the same in the Prem. Has some very pretty mental and technical stats and I think he could even do a job for teams challenging for Europe (if you can keep him fit!)
  12. He may be 35 but Ponzio is a full international, fairly versatile, cost me only £325k and can be a decent back up BWM for top premiership teams and a starter for mid-table teams. It's worth noting that before he declined he was rated as a "leading premiership player" by my scouts. His biggest problem is his lack of pace, but his stamina still rates very highly. Worth a punt!
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