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  1. Doesn't going on a holiday for 10 seasons take like 2 hours?
  2. If I would load 4 leagues wouldn't I get very little regens? Thats why I want to load so many leagues.
  3. Hi, I'm planning on doing a long term save for the first time with a lower league club (1860 Munich), I have a fairly good computer (i7 processor, 16gb ram) but I need some advice on how I should setup my database, I want to load all the leagues or atleast all the first leagues but I don't know how much that would expect the speed of the game after lets say 10 years. Please help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, When I start a save with Ajax, the owner always seems to be looking to sell the club. Is there a way of making sure this doesn't happen? Thanks
  5. Hi, I just bought the FM editor and I can't find where I can change the chairman status.. Would appreciatie some help :)
  6. So is the Ajax getting taken over thing been resolved or when is this supposed to be fixed? I'm kinda waiting to start a new Ajax save right now. @Freddie Sands
  7. Any chance of this being fixed with the next update?
  8. Mitchel Bakker from Ajax has signed a future deal with PSG in the new update but the transfer has not been confirmed in real life. Also, before I started a Ajax save everytime they would get taken over, will this still happen in this version?
  9. Why is the Johan Cruijf ArenA still named the Amsterdam ArenA? The named was changed like a year ago I believe.
  10. Is the play offs thing fixed? I have seen mixed messages and would like to know before starting a new save.
  11. When will the promotion bug in the Eredivisie be fixed? I want to start an Ajax save but not with this bug... Fix is taking too long
  12. In my first season with Ajax my second team won the league and was promoted to the Eredivisie what isn't possible in real life... Also every save I play with Ajax they keep being taken over, something that would never happen in real life.
  13. Hope they fix this game breaking bug asap, had this problem yesterday with my Ajax save too, save ruined
  14. What would be a good allround gaming monitor to go with it? My budget is max 300,-
  15. What do you think of this list? For FM and other games: https://tweakers.net/gallery/716775/wenslijst/?wish_id=1541997 It's a little cheaper for me including the shipping.
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