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  1. Hi. I am wondering if my scouts would benefits from having a scouting package. I would like to know if the packages helps my scout to look for better player even if I don't affect them manually. I don't want to check for player myself! ( would be to easy!). Does it also reduce time needed for full knowlegde on the player considering they already have information on the player?
  2. I am now wondering how can I know how much CA learning a new position give. If anyone knows the answer ^^. I think testing should be "easy" with the IG editor =P ( i only have the basic out game editor)
  3. Up! does training increase ca wich determine attributes development? FM is a very complexe game! Where can i find an advanced manuel? Or maybe should i just read the game code if I can find it!!!
  4. I have tested to create a player with maximum point of stats possible ( 20 everywhere which is impossible). Whith all position mastered at max value he had 14 in all most attributes ig with only one postion mastered he had 16 in most attribute. So if he didnt mess training new position take some training abilities.
  5. I think determination can be change by tutoring ( UP or down)
  6. I downloaded fm editor and their are attributes depending on the CA but the positionning abilities are not included. I know the CA cannot be higher than the PA. Does it mean PA will decrease while training a new position?
  7. Hey, I was wondering does training player to new positions reduce their attributes improvement (technical, mental , physical) ? I tried to try train some young player to new position and they are now able to play in that position but their attributes didnt develop during that time. I did also read on a fm 2017 topic that training a player to a new position uses a part of his improvement potential.
  8. Penalty Taking: The ability of the player from the penalty spot. A player with a high rating here will be more confident and capable from 12 yards. It does not say thats its restricted to penalty kick. Im not thinking about finishing im just thinking about what i read on penalty abilitie.
  9. Hey! I did read on the FM2018 online manuel that the penalty attribute increase the chance of scoring when he is at 10 meter. Does it mean it has an impact on scoring chances when a player try to score when he is close to goal even if it's not a penalty kick?
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