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  1. IMO that really depends on the opposition. If they're defending their box, then having 1 holding mid and 2 roaming should be fine. You don't need 2 holding mid against a low block team. In contrast, if you're playing against a narrow diamond opposition, then it might be a bad idea. You should be adapting to each match because there's no one-style-fit-all tactic.
  2. Does that mean his match rating in the first team has an impact on development?
  3. Nobody would play the game if they get sacked after winning La Liga at Real Madrid or Champions League at Chelsea. Real life isn't very popular. The reason injury get toned down is because of all the complaints every year about "too much injury".
  4. It's a database error. Researcher needs to fix Messi's height so he will head in more goals from overpowered crosses. /s
  5. Regarding Frankie's transfer fee, it is due to Dutch clubs' finances and structure. If you look at Dutch league transfer record, you'd see that they never receive big money. Van Nistelrooy 2001 transfer is still the 4th highest and it was only 30M euro. 50-70M would be very unrealistic for a Dutch club to receive. Edit: typos
  6. What is your reputation as manager? Maybe he's able to get better players when you're the manager. Maybe your team's reputation goes up higher when you're the manager, so your team's opponents are less likely to play offensive.
  7. Exactly. I'm not sure if the AI managers use PIs as extensively as we do.
  8. Wenger plays a different style from all of them; he's neither high press or counter-attack. He's simply old-fashion possession attack when he has better players than his opponent. This 2018 ME is bad at interpreting high press as a team instruction; it leaves the defense disorganized and weak against direct counter-attack. I believe this is intended as a way to make direct football work better than previous years.
  9. Klopp, Pochettino, and Pep all underperform in all of my saves. Mourinho, Simeone, and Marcelino all overperform. I think there's a clear pattern here that other people already pointed out.
  10. I always thought it's normal. The loan player doesn't like being loaned out; they wanted to stay for a first team spot. This happens when they pass certain age/reputation.
  11. They can't buy players with reputation higher than their level, so the money would most likely go into facilities, tax, and rollover budget.
  12. If they don't play and don't train, then how is that any different from being injured?
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