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  1. That's not how you do business in Italy. You're supposed to put in a loan offer with a mandatory buy option.
  2. Most on the England national team is overrated. Most of the Germany national team are underrated. Only their GK are rated properly. Comparisons between these 2 nations in tournament results and their players' CA/PA show how badly biased SI "researchers" are.
  3. Is it only my saves or Barcelona tends to spend 230+ millions of euro on de Bruyne on most saves? I know they did spend stupid amounts on Coutinho and Dembele before, but how do they still have this much money for KdB without selling anyone?
  4. What's the difference between wide target man and advanced playmaker for the RW/LW positions on attack duty?
  5. You must be new to football manager. SI don't release patches beyond March. If you don't like the bugs, tough luck. Wait and buy the next year edition in November.
  6. Keep them if you have good facilities and coaches. Sending them to clubs with bad facilities and coaches hurt their development.
  7. Arsenal isn't a big club. The reputation gap between Barca and Arsenal is quite large.
  8. Increase player's morale before match day. Praise them for training performance, etc.
  9. 140M spent to sign 2 players for the bench. SMH.
  10. IMO that really depends on the opposition. If they're defending their box, then having 1 holding mid and 2 roaming should be fine. You don't need 2 holding mid against a low block team. In contrast, if you're playing against a narrow diamond opposition, then it might be a bad idea. You should be adapting to each match because there's no one-style-fit-all tactic.
  11. Does that mean his match rating in the first team has an impact on development?
  12. Nobody would play the game if they get sacked after winning La Liga at Real Madrid or Champions League at Chelsea. Real life isn't very popular. The reason injury get toned down is because of all the complaints every year about "too much injury".
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