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  1. @knap Why u have left wing-backs on Automatic?
  2. Hi again @knap I used your FM17 GOODBYE 3430 with Newcastle and results were just insane (i've won Championship and Carabao Cup, after promotion my team won UEFA Cup, Premier League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup in first season!). Right now i use your FM18 GOODBYE 343 and results are very disappointing. I noticed that in FM17 almost all your tactics were Counter based, but in FM18 there are Attacking based (even GOODBYE 3430 for FM18 is Attacking). Should i use GOODBYE 3430 with Counter? Any advice would be great!
  3. @knap Hi, i have few questions: 1. When u say no OIs u mean no OIs at all, even those suggested by assistant manager for specific players in enemy team? 2. Is it safe to change player roles? For example: instead of ball-winning midfielder i would go with 2x box-to-box midfielder?
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