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  1. Walter Bou. Argentinian Target man. Signed for £6.5 million for leeds in the prem. He currently sits top goal scorer, top assister and top average rated. 12 games left in the 3rd season.
  2. Anyone heard of Walter Bou? Argentine... Got him on my save, in the prem. He is currently top scorer and top assister in the league. I paid £6.5 million for him. He is a beast.
  3. Here is what I did with the 70 million i was given. Fairly happy, feel as though i over paid for a few players but thats the way the window went. I quickly found that money and wages was not a problem, it was the lure of Leeds. No very high calibre players were remotely interested. But ey well.
  4. How do i download that tactic? Looks great. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Spurs are wanting Viera, if you read it, it says they are preparing a 50 million bid. Jeeeeeeeez
  6. Evening all... Second season draws to a close, and i eventually finished 11th. I set off like a house on fire sitting 4th around November time. Due to Mooy going on international duty and Sasha getting a lengthy injury I dropped like a sack of S**t. I couldn't buy a win from anywhere and i was leaking goals left right and centre. I bought a Keeper, Andres Fernandez who slotted in great. He will hopefully be a decent back up next season. With a great shakeup needed and not much funds i sold Allioski for around 16 million (check screenshot) and Roofe for around 10 (check screenshot). With t
  7. I havent signed this lad, but he was the top goal scorer in the championship the first season, and Ive just checked again and he is the second top goal scorer again in a Barnsley side who are sitting 3rd in the champ. They signed him for 650k seems a decent buy for championship clubs.
  8. Heading in to January, changed my expectations from attempt to avoid, to mid table finish as im sitting around 10th. I have the leakiest defence in the division. I have 7 million to spend and 140k free wages to spend. Who can i get in to shore up the defence. Currently is Wiedwald, Haidara, Alliji, Shawcross, Jannson, Jorge, Cooper, Stenzel and Ayling. What can i do hmmmm.... Need quick replies if possible.
  9. Cannot believe it, after 10 games, second season, I am currently sat 4th in the premier league, beating Liverpool 4-1 along the way. I really struggled to get any of the players mentioned in here, and with only 30 million and not very many wages left due to my current players wanting improved deals i had to make signings over a few installments. I have stuck with my squad mainly. I brought in Aaron Mooy from Huddersfield (relegated) and Ryan Shawcross from Stoke (relegated) but both were quite pricey however have both been brilliant so far. I also added a right back by the name of
  10. Furthermore, I was very dissapointed with both Alioski and Saiz. Neither of them did anything special. Stuart Dallas was one of my stand out performers. My scouts only have Jorge at 3 stars... Unsure to move him on or give him a chance. Staff wise I also have no idea who to bring in. My staff are the ones who I started with so some guidance on that front would be appreciated too.
  11. Finished the first season last night, Promoted via the play offs against Barnsley of all teams. Lots of injuries around March time stopped me getting automatic promotion. It was all too little too late by the time my players had come back. Managed to get Eduardo Sasha for 1.5 million (he was transfer listed). He finished up with 32 goals and was by far the best player. Lewis Cook came in January, although he was injured for a month, he scored the vital play off final goal. The rest of the signings are below. Managed to raise quite abit of money in the end. On to the Pre
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