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  1. They made a mess of their league, getting too many teams into it to play double fixtures (home and away). To fix it they are reducing the number of teams during a couple of seasons, so they return to 20 teams and double fixtures. Played in Argentina myself, found it challenging to earn enough money to get facilities improved. Was surprised to see how poor Argentinian teams are compared to Brazilian teams.
  2. The stats and facilities: An attempt on a brief summary: Went on holiday for a season (playing on FM19, so holidayed the 18/19 season) and East Kilbride FC was the team who came up to the scottish League 2. Not much to say about the facilities, but I got lucky with the existing squad and had a decent first season. In a rather standard 442 we did ok and finished safe from relegation. I got lucky with the first intake and got a very good midfielder called Martin Martin, but I misread a bid for him sold him for what turned out to be next to nothing. Thankfully he wasn't alone in the intake and we got players like Neil Graham and Tony Herron as well, players who turned out good for the club. At the next intake Euan Ferguson arrived, a player that carried the midfield and the team for the next couple of seasons. He scored 16 goals and had 12 assists in his second season, as a DPL. He carried the team to the Championship, made himself a club legend and then he left for free and the team fell back down to League 1. Thankfully new decent midtfielders arrived the following seasons and we got back up again and did a lot better on our return to the Championship. Tony Herron, weirdly enough only a club icon, had a good couple of seasons in the Championship and his goals got us promoted to the Premiership. Life in the Premiership has unsurprisingly been a battle against relegation. The first season we had to play the relegation play off, but since that we have managed to stay clear and thanks to some prize money and a couple of player sales we have managed to get some facilities improved. The sad part is that we only have enough money to improve one facility each summer, so the improvements could take some time if we don't improve dramatically. Unfortunately the perfectionist Hoyd Tom Ince has a thing for unambitious fullbacks and central defenders, so unless he comes up with some decent strikers and wingers soon, we might be in trouble.
  3. Not sure this "get stuck in" approach is the way to go to be honest. Unless we manage to get 5 red cards and the game is stopped.
  4. Good luck. Playing with them myself, albeit on FM19. Proper struggle, no money or facilities to speak of the first couple of seasons.
  5. Got inspired by reading this, but forgot to take a screenshot of my profile. Ended up in East Kilbride in Scotland, a club with next to no resources or facilities and a rather small stadium with a capacity of 1050 places. Still, ten seasons in I've managed to get to the Premiership and survived the first season there, just, thanks to winning the playoffs. Will probably fight relegation for the next couple of seasons, putting every penny we make into facilities and such. I am in dire need of decent strikers, currently I don't have a single one with finishing above 10.
  6. @XaW Impressed by the consistency showed by Austria Klagenfurt in the first three seasons at your save, shame they improved in the fourth. Congratulations on your promotion.
  7. Have faced the same struggle on my save in Germany. I play as Chemie Leipzig and usually play the role of the underdog both home and away. At home I often manage to keep them at bay, but away, when the fullbacks come forward my defence can't cope with the numbers or the tempo. Have tried various formations, 442, 4411, 451 and so on. Sometimes I got lucky and played them of the pitch using 442. Next time, not so much. Last season I tried to keep possession of the ball and double up on the flanks, using TI down both flanks and wingbacks, to expose their fullbacks. Offensively it worked pretty good, especially at home. We kept the ball well and got a few goals here and there. In the away games we were exposed on the counter, thanks to some poor passes going forward, leaving our centrebacks in trouble against 3 strikers. It's tricky, to keep pressure on their fullbacks to keep them away from our half and not get exposed for the long ball over the defence. Might consider a sweeper keeper in the future.
  8. According to my HoyD and assistant, some of my youngsters need to develop their consistency. Is there some sort of "trick" to do this, or will it naturally develop if they get playtime? Do determination come in to play here?
  9. That sounds very weird, but I'll continue the save then.
  10. Hi Tried to search for an answer, but the site just crashed, so here I am. I am using a custom DB to play as Chemie Leipzig in Germany. As always when I play, I emphasize youth development. My problem is, my youth team doesn't play competitive games. I ignored this in the beginning, thinking that I'll get an invitation as I make my way up the ladder. Problem is, now I'm in the 2. Bundesliga and still haven't got invited. Is there a chance that I might get an invitation, or can I just wrap it up and start a new save with a team that does have a U19 side in a league?
  11. Your staff sounds like a bunch of frauds.
  12. Inspired and entertained by this thread I made myself a save with Toulouse Rodéo for the holidays. Ticked the box for "add players to playable teams" to make things a little easier, but the squad still has some, eh, limitations in the wide areas. Mid-table will be alright for the first couple of seasons.
  13. That's some impressive defending. Possible to get to see the table with your full goal difference? Congratulations on your title.
  14. That is one of the best talents I've seen for a while. Does he have potential to improve a lot as well, or is he close to his full potential?
  15. Impressive turnaround in the league. Will be interesting to see if your experiment with much higher tempo and retain possession work out. In my mind they don't combine very well, but that may be because I usually play way down the leagues with rather poor players, unable to both run and make a pass a the same time. Might be different at your level.
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