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  1. Hello guys, is weight just a cosmetic or does it influence players somehow? I recently noticed that my players are getting fat. I am playing fm19 with some wonderkids database and almost every player from my academy is getting overweight. I remembered weight of one player to see if it's actually happening or is it just my head going crazy and it actually happened. One of my players went from 75 kg to 78 kg. I used in-game editor to experiment and changed weight of second player to 70 kg, time passes (not sure if weeks or months) and now he is 78 kg. Does weight influence players somehow or is it just cosmetic? How to make players lose weight?
  2. Did you read the "edit"? Already changed it normal Goalkeeper and standard CBs and lowered mentality to standard and nothing has changed.
  3. nope, still same issues. Nothing really changed as the BPD and SK tried to look for long through ball as opener to potential chance of scoring goals meanwhile the issue is throwing long balls while getting closed down
  4. hello guys I have simpe question regarding building from the back. Is there a possibility to somehow force my players to take the risk and build the actions from back with short fast passes and one twos despite being pressed? Whenever they get closed down they just make long ball and lose second ball. And I am not talking about some high intensity pressing like Liverpool or smth, the opposition players aren't even that close to them and they have the opportunity to pass the ball to teammate and play it from the back with short quick passes but they just pick the safer option and kick the ball away as far from the goal as possible. I am playing fm19 it is 2023 year and my first season with Barca so I think the players should have pretty good decision making, technique and should be calm with the ball despite being closed down. edit. Already changed the roles from sweeper keeper to standard goalkeeper and to standard CBs instead of BPD. Lowered the mentality to standard
  5. Hello fellow Barca fans or anybody who watched Barca games in 2003-2008. I am currently trying to replicate Rijkaards Barca because for me they were playing attractive attacking football with lots of freedom but also kind of sticking to Barcas philosophy of playing football. I have no idea which role suits Deco in their midfield setup. I am completly lost in this and new to the game. I imagine their DM would be just DM (d) or even half back if Edmilson or deep lying playmaker if Xavi. Iniesta was mezzala or advanced playmaker and I have no idea what role Deco was. the rest: positive or even attacking mentality. inside forward (a) on left side, complete forward (a), inside forward (s). Inside forwards - get higher up, stick to the touchline, roam from position. Complete forward - roam from position. The rest stays untouched. Team instructions - play out of defence and shorter passing, counter-press, distribute ball to CB, higher line of engagement, higher D-line. Any kind of help appreciated
  6. no matter what I try, he drops between CBs and so does Schone. He doesn't stay higher in the position like on that picture but also drops between CBs with De Jong :/
  7. I have read this. I guess it is impossible to replicate ajax tactics since there is no frenkie de jong role in this game
  8. hello guys, has anyone tried to recreate ajax build up? I don't really know how to set up Frenkie De Jong to recreate his movement to create the diamond with CBs and second CDM. as half-back he drops deep but between CBs, not to the left like on the image and I don't really think that half-back is his real life role. He is kind of modern day libero but it is possible to set him up like this only if he is 2nd CB in the 3 CBs formation
  9. hello guys, I have problem with my midfielders. Watching Barca B games or even Barcelona's first team we can see midfielders staying pretty wide in the middle of the pitch. My goal is to achieve the same thing in football manager but my problem is that they are roaming too much and play very narrow and so close to each other. Even if DPL(s) has ticked player instructions called "stick to position" and "stay wider" and my advanced playmaker has the same, they still come very close to each other and roam too much. I also added "wider" team instruction to my tactic and be more disciplined to see if that helps somehow but it doesn't really change that much. My tactic is 4-1-4-1 dm, balanced ------------DLF(a)------------ IF(s)----------------------IF(s) ------AP(a)-------DLP(S)---- ------------HB(d)-------------- WB(s)---CD(d)--BPD(d)---FB(s) --------------SK(d)------------ play out of defence, shorter passing, drible less, work ball into the box + I recently ticked also "be more disciplined" and instruction to play wider counter-press higher D line + higher line of engagement player instructions: DLP(S) - stay wider, stick to position AP(a) - get further forward, stay wider + recently I changed to AP (s) and ticked stay wider + stick to position The problem: my playmakers stay very narrow and close to eachother instead of staying wider and in position like they are told to do.
  10. Maurizio Sarri. He left his well paid job in the bank and followed passion to be a coach in low level teams and look where he is right now.
  11. Very impressive. My wingers could never stay this wide during the build-up. Did you use any player instructions or is this default? Would you mind sharing more details like mentality or team instructions?
  12. the tempo team instruction means how fast/slow the ball moves or how much time (less/more) does the build-up phase take and how fast the ball gets to the opponent penalty area? For example: by selecting high tempo in team instructions, what will I achieve? The players will move the ball around quickly, take less time to make a decision where to pass the ball but still slowly build up or will they just try to get into opponents goal as fast as possible?
  13. I'm here with a basic question regarding Guardiola's style of play. Does higher tempo mean that team will try to get ball forward as fast as possible and lower tempo means the slow build-up play? Or maybe the high tempo is about time spending on making decisions? For example: high tempo - taking less time to think, moving ball quickly around, one-twos, one touch etc. lower tempo - holding the ball, thinking about best choice to pass the ball etc? Also I've got one problem. I want my wingers to stay wide in the final third. I've set up their PIs to stay wider, hold position and added Be more disciplined as team instruction. And even after that they still play too narrow, standing on the corners of penalty area...
  14. Are you sure? Because I noticed that if I setup team instructions first, add close down more, then I can't add "close down more" for some players - I have to do it in reverse (add close down more for specific players in PIs and then add it for whole team in TIs). Also when I have selected shorter passes on TIs and then I go into PIs - I can add shorter passes PI but the length of the bar doesn't change. It's like he already knows to pass the ball shorter and adding it again in player instructions screen doesn't change the legnth of the bar but adds the instruction to the list of his instruction. I don't know if I can make myself clear and understandable since English is not my native language, but im trying my best.
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