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  1. how about simple 4-3-3 Roberto IWB(d) or that right back who is not attacking at all, Pique, Umtiti, Alba WB (a) or CWB (a/s) Busquets DM (s) or maybe DLP(d) not sure about Vidal and Rakitic, Arthur or Riqui Puig but some simple roles for them in the middle. Maybe roaming playmaker and mezzala (a) or smth like that. Ansu Fati IW s, Griezman IF a Messi flase 9 Standard or positive mentality, with higher tempo, much shorter passing and work ball into box?? And play out of defence ofc. Higher loe, higher defensive line, more urgent pressing etc and agressive instruction when taking the ball, get stuck in or smth like that.
  2. what exactly does 'take fewer/more risks' mean? take fewer risks aka clear the ball away and lose possession or don't waste the ball, keep it and make short passes even when closed down by opponent? More risks mean make the risky pass to the closest teammate when closed down or what? I have trouble with understanding this team instruction. So If I want my team to build up from the back ALWAYS, make the way out of enemy's pressing by short fast passes and one twos, should I pick take more risks (because it's risky to play short passes with eachother at the back when closed down by opponent) or should I take fewer risks (because it means to play safe and not waste ball - but then, take fewer risks seems like clearing the ball away when closed down) so how does it actually work in different scenarios??
  3. but in this thread we are talking about 1 on 1 situations and not about tactics etc idk I'm watching in 2d
  4. how does balance in roles/tactics etc make scoring 1v1 easier? It's just player and goalkeeper, 1v1. What does it matter if he is flase 9 or poacher or deep lying forward or complete forward if he is just 1v1 against keeper, one world class striker like Suarez or Lewandowski and one average goalkeeper and he ****s it up. It's not about his role or the tactics, it's about the game. I love how people here make this game flawless and always blame everything on tactics being unbalanced or having 3 playmakers while that's clearly not an issue.
  5. I don't think there is need for you to test it, I already played with Barcelona. I had Suarez, Griezmann and Lautaro Martinez, none of them able to score a goal from 1 on 1 situation. Manchester United also had some sick spanish regen and whenever he ended up 1v1 against my keeper I could just close my eyes or eat a sandwich
  6. my head is gonna get cut off by some experts here but I don't think it's matter of tactic. No matter if I have Griezmann, Lautaro Martinez, Luis Suarez, Roberto Firmino or Ronaldo or am I playing against Manchester United in CL final or against Girona in La Liga. Everybody miss tons of 1 on 1 when there is direct pass behind defenders and striker isn't offside and ends up 1v1 I can close my eyes and tell there won't be goal, no matter which team I play or who is the striker and who is the goalkeeper.
  7. why does it matter? Tempo is not about how fast they are moving up the pitch from defence to attack but how fast the ball is moving around. You can move the ball quickly with much higher tempo but still expect your players to keep the ball and move it around from left to right but quicker? Am I wrong? I thought tempo is about how fast they pass the ball for example quick short passes, one-twos etc. and not how fast they are moving from defence to attack. Guardiola said many times that he hates tiki taka because it is slow and boring passing and he wants his team to pass the ball quickly etc. and yet his teams keep the ball most of the time?
  8. well I think the opposite. I want to win in style and dominate possession, I guess thats why I am Barca and Ajax supporter. Also, I am watching games on full so I actually want to watch my team play and enjoy it instead of fighting with myself to not fall asleep and that's why I created this thread. Yes, I am winning but I want to win with beautiful possession football and I am not able to do this with the best techincal players in the world playing as Barcelona.
  9. i changed a lot of things, currently I am starting all over again with new tactic in the new season. I noticed that no matter the mentality/roles etc I will always have low possession because I feel like pressing is too weak and ball oriented, that's why my team doesn't attack as unit and doesn't cut off passing lanes for enemy team and that is the reason why almost every my opponent has higher possession, because they are on defensive mentality just passing the ball around at the back with no desire to attack me. That's why I am winning games but lack the possession. I could easily get 60%+ ball possession in my first seasons managing Barca B team but after going to Barcelona I can see that everybody just keeps passing the ball around with no intention of attacking me meanwhile the pressing looks like **** no matter the mentality Balanced/Attacking, always one player going for another player with the ball, then enemy passes the ball, and then another player goes for the ball etc. There is no pressing as a unit at all. Any ideas how to change the way my team closes down the opponents?
  10. De Jong has "bring ball out of defence" ppm and I don't have problem with him dribbling the ball out of defence, the issue here is that he dribbles and then passes inaccurately. Maybe that's because of "deep lying playmaker" role. So I will have to play a bit more with the second tacitc in which he has "anchor man" role. Maybe that will encourage him to take less risk while building up. I feel like another issue might be "dictate tempo"?? Maybe he decides that we should play faster and that's why he makes more direct pass to winger/wingback that ends up outside the pitch?
  11. No, when I win the ball higher up the pitch it looks better. I am talking about building the action up from my goal, the transition from goalkeeper to winger is too fast, like 3 passes and then winger gets the ball and loses it, or just 2 passes - to CD to DM and then he dribbles forward and makes inaccurate pass. Actually I am winning games, the thread is about low possesion numbers, not about winning. I am still playing Barcelona so we always squeeze the ball in despite playing like horse ****, because of Lautaro Martinez, Kai Havertz or Arthur in midfield.
  12. My logic in this situation is that winger stays very wide (near the touchline) and by that, he makes space for Mezzala. Almost everytime I played Mezzala and Inside Forward on the same side, then they were very very close to eachother occupying same space
  13. actually, the problem is that transitions are too quick, my wingers get the ball too quickly and then rush forward alone and lose the ball. Another problems are useless, inaccurate shots and lack of any movement during build up. Any ideas how to fix it?
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