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  1. You weren't joking were you... To be honest, some of the comments you have made in this thread, I don't think a lot of clubs would want you to be managing them anyway! Just start unemployed and apply for jobs until you get one.
  2. Not 100% sure about Mac, but it's in my library on Steam, when I search in my All Games folder.
  3. I haven't gone too far in advance but I usually holiday to the actual date. I am going to start a journeyman save with no badges or exp so I will holiday to the actual date and then play from there. As an Everton fan, it will be interesting to see how long Ancelotti stays as manager before someone sweeps in.
  4. Do you tend to stick with a style of play throughout the save, or do you change to adapt to the situation? Obviously now you can choose your Preferred style and formation when you create your manager, I have have always tried to stick to that style, but I think it might be making my teams easy to play against. I know there is a debate whether the game "figures you out" or not, but when you're on a 15 game win streak and then you lose the next 8, it does feel like something switches. Also, some of the manager traits that I have picked up don't match my style of play e.g. I have a "pre
  5. I think the backroom changes are more about the compensation side of it, but I think you are onto something. It would be good if you could interact with staff (maybe on your favoured personnel list), to see if they would be interested to join you in the new job. At the moment, the recruiting club offer you the interview, then offer the staff changes before offering you a contract. It would be good if the club "declared their interest in you" before they offer the backroom changes, so you would have time to interact with the personnel first? If they agreed, it could generate a "promis
  6. I agree with this. It would be good to break down the stats for each team that you have managed in the past, or how your manager attributes have increased (on a graph maybe). Journeyman saves are obviously very popular but tracking your history is often difficult unless you keep a record outside of the game. Not sure if this should be a different topic, but I think there needs to be more development of the manager's "story". There is the biography part but it would be nice to have more substance to it, or a timeline, instead of just reeling off all of the manager of the months you
  7. Go to the staff list and look at All Staff. This should show which team they are associated with. Also, if you look at "Coaching", for example, you should be able to select the team at the bottom of the page.
  8. I often find this frustrating too tbh. Especially in the lower leagues when a bigger club unsettles a star player and then you end up battling to get a decent value for him, whilst trying to allow him to join the bigger club, because you don't want the rest of the team to kick off if you don't allow him to leave!!! It's for this reason I have started to add buy out clauses in my contracts. At least then you can use the "you have a release clause in your contract" option, and this usually (not always) leaves the player happy. Although, there is an odd promise that gets added that you wi
  9. I don't have any evidence for/against this but I have always thought that having lots of bigger clubs around you would be detrimental to your attendances, especially in cities that have Premier League clubs. I imagine it is more about the reputation of the club and also the area. The higher reputation of both of these would mean more people and this should mean more fans. I often wonder about how the ticket prices are generated. If this is based on reputation too.
  10. Got relegated in 18th. 12 points separated us from 17th but the bad luck continued. Lost games in the last minutes to set pieces and world class goals. Got a new contract so we go again next season for a quick rebound. Up the Viterbese. #ConLaForzaDelLeone
  11. It would be good if you were given the option of a few different shirt templates (obviously for unlicensed kits) for each kit for the coming season, or maybe every couple of season. Same colours but just a different style to freshen it up a bit.
  12. Yeah, I think this would be a brilliant addition to the game. I seem to remember something like this in a previous manager game (possibly LMA) where you could click on a map, and then click on the regions to see where the different teams where based. Obviously region is already in the game, and I presume (although I have never tried it) can be used in a search, but a visual map would be a real step forward.
  13. Yes. I would like the game to make more of the media, as in stories within the game. Off topic, but I played a team that had previously sacked me (in the same season) and there was nothing about it in the match build up. There wasn't a single question even in the pre match interview! I think S.I. should put more into the stories within the game, and you're right about getting the fans to have opinions based on links the the player, like the son of a legend for example.
  14. We fight on. 10 games to go and 4 points from safety (effectively 5 because team above us have a better head to head) but I am already planning for a rebuild job to get straight back up. That is depending on the board offering me a new contract if we go down. I just can't believe how unlucky we have been though. We have never been battered. Ok we got beat 4-1 twice by teams who are paying single players more than my entire wage budget, but we have never been out of a game. Most games are lost to outstanding goals and set pieces. In the last game we were winning 1-0 away until t
  15. I have had this too. To the point where "Play Defensive Football" has actually been given to me as an objective!! I only ever play Positive or Attacking!! I am now failing that objective 😒
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