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  1. Hello & Thanks for having this resource. I have a save as the Seattle Metropolitans and the date is January 1, 2030. Whenever I try to continue the game and sim to January 2nd, the game crashes and I get a "Memory Allocation Failure" message. I have tried clearing up space on my computer and adding temporary RAM via external hard drive with no luck. The saved game is on FileZilla titled "pyrollamas_seattle30.sav" in the fm/game-save folder. To recreate the issue all you have to do is load the game and hit "continue." It will start to continue, but (at least on my computer) the game will then try to eat up more and more memory until it crashes. If you have any other questions please let me know! Also, the database I am using for this save was found here. I have already played 13 seasons of this game with no prior issue. https://www.reddit.com/r/EHM/comments/6cyk8l/as_promised_heres_my_vegasseattle_database_saved/?st=JAILGEUI&sh=0d66d628
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