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  1. Basingstoke Town for my career game 2008 Blue Square South 1st 2010 Blue Square Premier 1st 2011 League Two 1st 2012 League One 1st 2017 Championship 6th (Promoted) 2021 Premier League Winner 2021 Champions League Winner 2021 European Super Cup Winner 2022 Premier League Winner 2023 Premier League Winner 2024 Premier League Winner 2024 FA Cup Winner 2025 Premier League Winner 2025 Champions League Winner 2025 Club World Championship Winner 2025 European Super Cup Winner 2026 Premier League Winner 2026 FA Cup Winner 2027 Premier League Winner 2027 FA Cup Winner 2028 Premier League Winner 2028 Champions League Winner 2022/25/26/27 League Cup Winner 2021/22/23/24/25/26/27 Community Shield England is still having a hangover from 1966's Jules Rimet, so next stop will be teaching the three lions some tricks and get them into the circus.
  2. Having a son

    in my current game i've got a Serge Wenger, through the youth ranks at Arsenal. Serge turned out mediocre. where's maradona's son in the game btw?
  3. was reading paulo coelho's The Alchemist. XI was a tribute to the little blobs that's lighting up my fm game.
  4. How many of you ENJOY FM08?

    well for me i am enjoying it, it's as hard as a safebox but if you invest in a fair amount of time tweaking the tactics and buying/loaning the right kind of players, you'll definitely get a good run of decent results, the safebox will be opened eventually. and i do have to inject massive amount of positivities into my veins when things aren't going my way. of course, there will be another set of safeboxes inside. currently managing basingstoke town fc in 2017, 5 seasons mid table mediocrity in the enjoyably frustrating coca-cola championship. something tells me i need to phone the chairman's daughter. he deserves it. enjoy, lads.