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  1. Okay tnnx, i wouldnt run a big database, when i play on my parents pc i can do a large database and when i play on my laptop i will play with a smaller database. I also use my laptop for school so it cant harm the laptop you think when i play fm?
  2. Hi, i got a question I played fm on my mobile and the demo on my laptop because i thougt it cant run the full game. But i have won with a giveaway fm19 so i ask people if they think i can play it on my laptop. Some people said, when you can run the demo you can also run the fullgame. I have also tried canyourunit? And it says.that my videocard is not good enough. So my question is do you think i can play fm19 on my laptop? If not i need to play it on my parents pc. Sorry for my bad english:) Bart
  3. I have make an new account. Then i have tested it and it did save games and load games But what can i do now so that my other Windows account also can save and load?
  4. I have send an e-mail a few days ago to sega. With i think the good belarc file Do you know if there is an solution so that i can play the game? Thanks
  5. I have delete my anti virus and have follow al the steps and uninstalled the demo and download it But it didnt save.
  6. Can someone help me? I really wanna play the demo but now i cant because it cant save
  7. In Dutch it says 'opslaan van het huidige spel mislukt I think that in english it is failed to save the current game.
  8. I cant save it to the cloud and also not to a different location
  9. hi, I have been playing the demo since it came out(Long story why i play the demo and not fm) But since yesterday i cant save my game. i had a game but i cant load that game so i delete it, but since then i cant save any other games. sorry for my bad english(im dutch)
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