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    Prague Raptors is a Multi-Cultural, Community Football Club based in Smíchov, Prague, Czech Republic. Go Raptors! #GoRaptors #AttackAsOne

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    Prague Raptors

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  1. Perhaps not...but if exposure continues to increase, and more players on the game start to play in the tournaments I guess it has more chance...let's see!
  2. Hi, With the increased exposure of CONIFA-affiliated teams, and the potential addition of Yorkshire as an International team from 2018, is there any potential of adding these associations and their tournaments into the database? Quite a few players from the lower English leagues are hoping to join them. http://yorkshireifa.com/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42187205
  3. No problem at all...Zizkov are a nice club too the other side of town from us but potentially a future rival. 4th or 5th tier is definitely in our plans for a few years time, so keep an eye out for us
  4. Thank you Barside, we are starting in the bottom tier of the Czech league - so not playable (as it is only the top 2). I will mention in the Data Forum as you suggest but I guess you are right we might not get onto the game until we rise through the divisions irl
  5. Hello, Sorry if we are posting in the wrong section, newbies here! Does anyone know how we can get in touch with the Czech Researcher and discuss getting our new league club (https://www.pragueraptors.com/) on next season's game? Thanks Raptors F.C.
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