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  1. I've seen it probably, maybe 4 or 5 times but that's across like mutliple games over thousands of hours. So yeah it is a pretty special thing to see even one time.
  2. I once won a game 6-0 and then lost the second leg 7-0 but that was on FM17 I think and I was playing as the Portsmouth manager in the Europa league so we punched WELL ABOVE our weight when we beat them. But the total defeat made me realize that my defenders are basically not good enough when the pressure it right at them. In short new goal keeper and CB's my friend.
  3. Remove and Exclude the clause from future negotiations. Also those are not dream moves really it's just wanting a new stepping stone.
  4. I believe you but so far all it has tracked is game time, I will test it again later today.
  5. Did another session, still no achievements unlocking, hoping this is just some kind of delay issue.
  6. The only thing I can think of stopping it from working was playing my save files from the steam version. But that should not effect achievements since I am fulfilling the requirements on the windows 10 version.
  7. I did all of that, spent a while downloading windows and installing it. Then downloaded the game from the Beta app and launched it from there too. It has now tracked my gametime (51minutes so far) but nothing on the two achievements I should have got, for keeping a clean sheet and buying a player.
  8. How do I get the achievements to work? Just got a clean sheet and got nothing for it.......
  9. So I was playing against Ajax at home and it ended 0-0, but then I saw that it said go to extra time. So I assumed it was bugged and hit continue and we kept playing. It was no bug I was literally playing in extra time in 1 game in what was last year a 2 leg knockout tournament. Anyone else seen this happen? Is it something to do with the 2022 world cup? Can the game change the rules and I lazily missed it?
  10. You could try tinkering with his appearence fee's and goals scoring bonuses etc to see if that will budge him. Bit silly if he isn't getting first team football but wants it that he won't accept a pay cut to be a starter.
  11. Think I had a game the other day where I hit the woodwork 5 times and lost 1-0 because of it basically. Quite infuriating to be honest.
  12. I wish you could just give the guy a shopping list, as in buy me a centre back please. Rather than the DoF just buying whatever he wants.
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