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  1. You could try tinkering with his appearence fee's and goals scoring bonuses etc to see if that will budge him. Bit silly if he isn't getting first team football but wants it that he won't accept a pay cut to be a starter.
  2. Think I had a game the other day where I hit the woodwork 5 times and lost 1-0 because of it basically. Quite infuriating to be honest.
  3. I wish you could just give the guy a shopping list, as in buy me a centre back please. Rather than the DoF just buying whatever he wants.
  4. Thanks to you I now realize we hit the woodwork 5 times, I didn't even know as I forget to actually check that bit. No words, none at all. Also I know we created 0 proper chances, yet 4 half chances. No excuses for that one.
  5. He was sent off in the 75th minute we should have scored long before then. I am sorry but this game truly is a joke when all I see is a guy with 19 finished being doubled saved by a keeper who is 19th in the table.
  6. Okay I have been playing FM religiously for like 4 years now and this FM might be the one that annoys me the most. Strikers for a start basically never score in this version of the game. Everyone else has to pick up the slack. Next I am always seeing performance like the one I have posted. We basically dominate games almost entirely against teams that do not stand a chance. And all I see is like 5 missed easy chances. Nah this game is a joke sometimes. Rant over.
  7. They almost always cheer up before you say alot to them, I like it but its happened like 10 times now surely the success rate should vary ALOT but it is just a beta.
  8. So in two games as the Liverpool manager I have had 7 injuries in two games. I have training set to give alot of rest, I rest the starting XI anyway between games and then I get 3 injuries in one match and 4 in the second? Nah not acceptable I turned the game off, this DOES NOT happen in football. I played 1160 hours on FM18 and this happened maybe like twice in 20 years worth of seasons. I know it's the beta being silly but come on this is just boring. Anyone else having stupid injury problems like this?
  9. I thought that too at first but I've loaned out players for over a decade now and it feels weird that he would be first to resent me for it. The guy has no negatives at the moment and it even says he is enjoying playing for the club. I will try praising him though, seems like a decent idea.
  10. Okay so I have a godly young Danish left back who has been loaned out alot and now this is HIS year at the team but he won't sign a new deal because he "dislikes the club" ludicrous I have made him into a god tier player and he has no negatives against me or the club. Surely there has to be some kind of way to trick him into signing a new deal, I will make that boy rich if he does!!!!! Also, is this a bug? Like if he truly doesn't like the club why did he join beforehand, its just feels so forced.
  11. Okay so I am in like 2035 or something as Morecambe have won the prem like 6 times on the run and won 5 champions leagues plus other trophies. ALL with a 12,500 seater stadium and only now have I finally persuaded the board to build a new one. They said it'll be like 59,000 capacity. Now I just can't wait for it to be built! My advice would be to change your first reply when asking for a stadium when they said no I went for the "After all I've done for the club speech" first and somehow they finally agreed!
  12. My PC crashed during my 2-2 extra time match in the super cup against celtic a few hours ago, now I have to go back and rewin the community shield. And then I will simply play the celtic game again and hopefully win. No need to manipulate it as I know it hasn't had an outcome yet. But if I lose wins or lost a game I just redo it until I get the old results back. Also celtic were FM'ing me, 2 shots on target, 2 goals. Nah mate not having it. Thank god the whole laptop shut down before we went to penalties!
  13. I have seen players on YouTube view another team that clearly they have scouted and it gives them (in the squad screen) access to all of the squads and ability star ratings in the same screen. I have tried to find the column for this on my game but have had no luck. Does anyone know how to do this? Would really come in handy for when I am scouting teams with players I want to get on the cheap.
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