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  1. Players in the current beta ME aren't making bad runs or running down cul-de-sacs because generally, when the ball gets into the attacking third, they're not making any runs at all. People aren't complaining about the quality of runs, they're complaining about the absence of runs. And for the record, the current beta ME would have Pep's Barcelona crossing into an empty box 50 times per game. Not really much of a simulation by my reckoning.
  2. Striker movement has, to SI's credit, gotten significantly better. There's a world of difference between F9 and DLF movement patterns on live and on beta - it's the first time I can remember the F9 role consistently behaving remotely close to how it does in real life. Of course, other attacking players are very far from adequately exploiting the space created by the new movement patterns, and through balls in central areas still appear to be a small Siberian hamlet outside Irkutsk, but in isolation the supporting striker roles look leagues better now. Unfortunately, this is all completely
  3. Watch a game or two on Comprehensive Highlights and you'll see players consistently **** the ball away for no good reason as soon as they get it in the wide areas of the attacking 3rd; regardless of TIs, PIs, ratio of teammates/opponents in the box, etc, players are hard-wired to yeet the ball into the box ASAP when they get it wide. What @optimusprimal82 said in his excellent post is spot-on accurate, and his post in the Beta forum sheds light on other, arguably even more worrying, stuff about the movement of wide players.
  4. It hasn't changed, per se, but the idea of pinning back the defense has always been around, and has always been particularly relevant for top sides that are going to face a lot of packed boxes. You simply cannot consistently create space behind the defense against teams that defend with 8-9 men in the box, so you take the space you're being given and use it depending on the squad you have available: if you have a Shrek-sized target man, you take the space a deep and narrow team is giving you on the wings, whip in crosses, and hope Shrek wins a header or three; if you have a team with wingers a
  5. I think you're trying to fit square pegs into round holes with your lineup in a couple of places. I don't think your strategy, structurally, needs major revision (in fact it's a lot more balanced than a lot of what I see people post), but there are a couple of points I would take a look at: 1. Have you chosen appropriate roles for Özil and Ramsey? The AP(A) role dribbles a fair amount, and does so quite aggressively, something that I don't think suits Özil's game. Similarly, Ramsey isn't really a complete, all-action midfielder so much as he's a withdrawn AM. I would try Özil as an AP(S)
  6. Are you on a streak of any kind atm? On a lossless streak in the league stretching double-digit games with Liverpool atm and just had two matches in a row after the patch where Arsenal and Palace respectively well and truly parked the bus on me. Not sure what Emery lining up at home with Elneny, Xhaka, and Torreira in a triple pivot and fullbacks that won't go forwards is about, but the absurdly and unrealistically defensive AI formations were an issue last year too, so not really too surprised.
  7. I'll address these point by point: 1. CBs still behave somewhat wonkily with a HB and a back 4. They split somewhat wider, but certainly do not behave as they really should. 2. Midfields seem appropriately compact in the defensive phase of the game. 3. IWBs now have all three duties available, and are not locked into any other PIs than Roam, IIRC - which makes excellent sense given that the role by its very nature roams from its position all the time. 4. The Carrilero and Mezzala roles work very well, although it's kind of frustrating that the Mezzala is locked into risky p
  8. This, right here, this is ****ing it. This is the stuff that makes the game borderline-insufferable to me this year. Just have a gander at it for a second: Mata is perfectly warranted in taking the shot. He's not (at least visibly) tightly marked, he's right at the top of the box, and he takes it with his strong foot. The only factors that should noticeably be impacting shot quality here are Mata's mentals (which if memory serves are more than adequate) and the fact that he arguably takes it rather quickly. Still, while not a quality chance necessarily (in terms of xG), this is absolutel
  9. While I generally echo the sentiment that you have all the same tools at your disposal as the AI does, and that any issues with your fullbacks are almost certainly tactical/player quality ones, I do have to chuckle heartily at the thought of Adama Traoré ever getting 25 assists. He has to be the real-life footballer with the greatest gap between technical skill and footballing intelligence; the definition of all flash and no end product, he doesn't so much dribble into cul-de-sacs as the hungering void of his lacking football intelligence creates cul-de-sacs wherever he goes. Perhaps a di
  10. Which is exactly why I said "unless you close down high" - the fact that it's counterable doesn't mean that the pattern of play isn't unrealistic. How often do you see Stoke come to WHL/Old Trafford/etc and neatly pass the ball around their backline until pressured? Never - it's too risky. They keep the play far away from their own box and then retreat into their own half quickly as soon as possession is lost - but they don't pass the ball around at the back for ages. Edit: And there's a marked difference between "setting up defensively" (say something like a 4-5-1 DM with a pretty conser
  11. The above post adeptly eludicates part of what's causing the problem. I think we all realize that underdog teams tend to park the bus, so to speak, against their betters, but what "parking the bus" implies in real life and what "parking the bus" implies in FM18 seems to be two very different things - particularly the part where AI managers will have two fullbacks on defensive duties (who, hilariously, are often the only wide players at all in the first place) that basically never cross the halfway line, and the low mentality leaves them with 50% or more possession unless you close down high be
  12. The bolded part here really resonates with me and is part of what drives me absolutely up the wall about the current ME. In the real world, it's a perfectly viable strategy for a manager to create good chances via cutbacks to the top of the box. It's one of the ways you punish a team for leaving space in front of the defense. In the real world, teams have to respect that a ball driven wide and to the byline is potentially deadly if it gets cut back to a deep midfielder. In the real world, teams have to respect that you can't just leave CR7/Messi/Dybala/Robben in miles of space; you have to ste
  13. I'm unconvinced that there's an issue with when players choose to attempt long shots, or even necessarily with the overall conversion rate, but players with high shooting, mental, etc stats patently do not hit the target at an acceptable rate right now. I'm not saying a player with 20 Long Shots should be banging in a goal from 40 yards once per match, but they should bloody well be forcing a save or two off clean opportunities like Pogba or Nainggolan do in real life. It's absolutely ****ing aggravating to watch world-class players hoof uncontested long-range efforts 45 degrees off target wit
  14. Currently having the same issue as the above poster, and have had so ever since 18.2.0. Already existing games run fine, but when trying to start a new game with either the league or database files enabled, the game simply gets stuck roughly a quarter of the way through "Setting Up Game Database" and forces a shutdown of FM18 from Task Manager. A fix would be greatly appreciated, seeing as it's a fantastic piece of work and it's a bloody shame to not be able to use it.
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