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  1. Another experiment. Installed both FMRTE and FM Genie Scout to see if either program can access FM while FM is frozen. I understand that one accesses the save game and one accesses the memory. 1) I triggered an FM freeze (by putting Windows to sleep while FM was running). FM, as expected, upon wakeup of the pc, was unresponsive. 2) Loaded both FMTRE and FM Genie Scout. Both programs could access the necessary game data upon their startup. Both were fully functional.
  2. Further testing reveals further freezing / hanging. The settings described in the last post merely reduce the frequency. Again, FM18 is the only game or program with which I have this problem.
  3. OK, so I’ve been experimenting with power settings and gpu settings. It looks like I have found a combination that keeps FM stable enough to play 95% of the time, even with other programs open AND not using the computer for 10+ minutes. The sample size is still quite small (one save-game for a few hours) so I can’t guarantee it’s not merely coincidence. Here are the settings I’m running; Nvidia 3D settings; Football Manager; High Performance Nvidia Processor Power Management Mode; Prefer maximum performance Steam; High Performance Nvidia Processor Power Management Mode; Prefer maximum performance However, the above settings seem to always divert to; Football Manager; Use Global setting (Auto-select: Nvidia GPU) Power Management Mode; Use Global setting (Adaptive) Steam; High Performance Nvidia Processor Power Management Mode; Use Global setting (Adaptive) Windows Power Options; Intel Graphics settings – Maximum Performance Desktop background settings: Slideshow available Dim the display: Never Turn off the display: Never Put the computer to sleep: Never Fingers crossed this good run continues. I still think this is an FM fault which needs addressing; it’s the only program or game with which I’ve ever had this problem. I’d appreciate your thoughts on why this is happening with FM18. Thanks, Andrew
  4. Thanks for your response, Neil. I have tried running both FM and Steam using the integrated graphics and the Nvidia card. I have tried running both FM and Steam using each power management mode within the Nvidia settings. Freezing occurred in each of the above states. Additionally, once the game is frozen, changing which video card it uses (or which power management mode the Nvidia uses) does not ‘defrost’ FM. I've just noticed that, while the game is frozen, the "show desktop" button in Windows does not function. Disabling AVG antivirus does not prevent the freezing. In better news, with the current update the extreme lagging on contract content within the inbox has been fixed.
  5. Hi, I hope you can help. The game has been borderline unplayable since first install at release. I just want this fixed; it has never occurred with any other game, including any of the past FM versions! Game freezes. No error message. No crash. Just freezes. PC doesn’t freeze. Windows and other programs continue to run. In FM, the mouse continues to move but clicking does nothing in the game; the game simply does not respond. Frequency; every 30ish minutes. When running the background (while I’m using another program) it occurs every 5ish minutes. This freeze can be easily replicated if I concurrently use another program and send FM to the background. When I alt-tab back to FM (or simply click on FM in the task bar) it doesn’t respond approx. 40% of instances. This freeze has been happening since first install which was pre the current update. The error can occur (and has) at the main screen before a new manager has been set up, or a game created, or a game loaded. There seems to be no particular screen on which it freezes the most often. Other symptom; the game can be extremely laggy. The game suffers approx. 8 second lag whenever scouting or contracts are displayed in the Inbox. Other content is lag-free. Not running any custom graphics or logos Only DLC is the official in-game editor This error also occurred before the in-game editor was installed. Have tried running in both windowed mode and full-screen. I have disabled Steam Overlay in-game. It was previously enabled. Freezes occur in both states. All drivers, windows updates, etc are up-to-date (except maybe bios). Attached is "DxDiag 1" when the game was working. "DxDiag 2" when the game was frozen. Thanks, in advance, for your help! Andrew DxDiag 1.txt DxDiag 2.txt
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