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    The year is 2040

    Thanks abyss616
  2. BillboardBeauty

    The year is 2040

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QPLUNOVR Enjoy. Over $1 billion (US) in the bank and a $659 mil transfer budget. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Hey, I'm a massive Everton fan too and would be interested in loading this up too, but how do I add it into my game once it's downloaded? I.e. where do I need to unrar it to? Thanks! And great thread btw, atm I'm only 5 or so years in, darned university keeps getting in the way.
  3. BillboardBeauty

    FM Problem on Laptop

    I tried the solution proposed in that link, but it didn't work for me, it just said the target was invalid once I'd added the extra bit. I have a hunch that this may because I'm running Vista, but thats just a guess really. Anyone else with Vista had the same trouble or found a solution?
  4. I signed a lad called Gavin Cadwallader from Shrewsbury Town for Everton. He wasn't really Premiership quality, but Gav was a coach of my Sunday league team while he was pushing for first team at Shrewsbury so I felt obliged to. I went for Joe Hart too, having once nutmegged him in training. He, Billy Jones (of Crewe but now Preston I think) used to come down with Gav occasionally as they knew our manager. Good times.
  5. BillboardBeauty

    Official FM 08 Good Wonderkids

    Oscar Ustari is a great young keeper (not a wonderkid that i know of) but unfortunately he's just moved to getafe and so doesn't want to move on...