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  1. Cheers. I'm looking forward to that, YLE (Finnish BBC) is showing it this fall.
  2. Just started the first part of the trilogy. Always meant to read these, Kerr dying made me finally do it. There's supposedly HBO project on the works, has been for a long time though.
  3. Reading Nathan Hills Nix. For a 700 pages book very light reading, can see why it's been popular.
  4. Ville

    The Masters 2018

    Cheers. I suppose I have a somewhat cliched idea of a golf crowd, well-of middle-aged politely clapping to everyone's good shots.
  5. Ville

    The Masters 2018

    Why would that matter? (honest question, don't know much about golf)
  6. If someone breaks in to your home, it's the Purge, apparently.
  7. Ville

    The TV Show Thread

    Yep, it was really well done. Love Ken Burns.
  8. Porridge is the way to go. Easy to mix it up with fruit etc.
  9. Ville

    Francis Cole aka McMaster#28

    That is sad news
  10. Ville

    A thread where we discuss films

    Personally I haven't seen it yet so can't tell my own opinion. Obviously with Oscars a film about the right subject matter at the right time can get a boost (also true to a lesser extent with reviews imo).
  11. Ville

    A thread where we discuss films

    I suppose you can have many opinions about this years nominations but Get Out did get very strong reviews.
  12. Ville

    A thread where we discuss films

    I thought Darkest Hour was decent film lifted by great performance by Oldman. Though I might be slightly biased as a Political History student.
  13. I just spent good five minutes googling this stuff and still don't understand any of this.
  14. Ville

    The TV Show Thread

    Yep, The Crown is really well done.