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  1. Friday 10th June 2016 France - Romania 1-0 Saturday 11th June 2016 Albania - Switzerland 1-1 Wales - Slovakia 0-1 England - Russia 2-0 Sunday 12th June 2016 Turkey - Croatia 1-1 Poland - Northern Ireland 2-1 Germany - Ukraine 2-0 Monday 13th June 2016 Spain - Czech Republic 2-0 Republic of Ireland - Sweden 0-1 Belgium - Italy 0-1 Tuesday 14th June 2016 Austria - Hungary 2-0 Portugal - Iceland 2-1
  2. 4pm, 7pm and 10pm here. Which I would say is perfect.
  3. Sissoko, Janmaat and Gini. Three players that will go, won't be really missed and will bring some money in as well. Not bad.
  4. One aspect of the game starting times is the fact that you can't really play the evening games at much later than 8pm. The whole eastern time zones would have to watch these games at midnight or even later.
  5. Liking the song. Always been a big Manics fan. Wasn't Nicky Wire decent youth footballer? Guess I have to support Wales in the Euros now.
  6. Though if Everton get someone like De Boer or Pellegrini, he might actually stay.
  7. If it wasn't for the soon to be empty Everton job I'd agree with you.
  8. I'm coming to Newcastle in October and thinking of buying ticket for the Norwich game. Would I be right in assuming that in a game like that there would tickets left for general sale? So I could from here Finland just buy ticket online when they come to general sale without any membership costs etc.
  9. Coloccini needs to stay and get fit, or someone needs to be brought in.
  10. Our linesman today? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byron_Moreno
  11. Non cash game. Pre World Cup Prediction Questions 1. Who will win the 2014 World Cup? (5 points) Brazil 2. What round will current champions Spain be knocked out in? (3 points) Semi Final 3. How far will England get? (3 points) Group Stage 4. How many European teams will make it past the group stages? (2 points) 8 Tie breaker in case of a tie: How many goals in total (excluding extra time/penalties) will be scored in the entire 2014 World Cup? 130 Thursday June 12 Brazil 1-0 Croatia: 21:00 Friday June 13 Mexico 2-1 Cameroon: 17:00 Spain 2-0 Netherlands: 20:00 Chile 2-0 Australia: 23:00 Saturday June 14 Colombia 1-0 Greece: 17:00 Uruguay 2-0 Costa Rica: 20:00 England 1-1 Italy: 23:00 Sunday June 15 Ivory Coast 2-0 Japan: 02:00 Switzerland 1-0 Eduador: 17:00 France 2-0 Honduras: 20:00 Argentina 2-0 Bosnia: 23:00 Monday June 16 Iran 0-1 Nigeria: 20:00 Germany 2-1 Portugal: 17:00 Ghana 0-1 USA: 23:00 Tuesday June 17 Belgium 2-0 Algeria: 17:00 Russia 2-0 South Korea: 23:00
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