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  1. Does anyone know why there is no board expectations in league competition? Is it error or bug? Even i won the league it didnt show up. And this screenshot is the 3rd seasons, in first seasons it was got board expectation then i won the league and promote, 2nd seasons it doesnt show up i think should draw the seasons start but also didnt show up. Even i won the league again in 2nd seasons the confidence total is 60% and competition confidence only 50%( it from cup competition ). Please help
  2. After play FMT 2017 and now playing FMT 2018 on my iPad. The biggest regret and i hope will add on FMT 2019. 1. Max nation to select at least 5 ! (3 is too less, cant select top league in europe!) (THE MOST I WANTED) 2. Team talk like FM full version 3. The coefisien in Asian Champion League can up and down like Europe. 4. Editor for FMTouch. No problem if I should pay! Thanks
  3. Yes and freeze cant change an injury players when you still got chance to change a players. Keep restart the game to continue.
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