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  1. Does anyone know why there is no board expectations in league competition? Is it error or bug? Even i won the league it didnt show up. And this screenshot is the 3rd seasons, in first seasons it was got board expectation then i won the league and promote, 2nd seasons it doesnt show up i think should draw the seasons start but also didnt show up. Even i won the league again in 2nd seasons the confidence total is 60% and competition confidence only 50%( it from cup competition ). Please help
  2. This is when 2updates before i complaint this but not yet solve until now. Even its minor bug but you need to fix
  3. New update and not yet solve. When you solve this? Even its minor bug but you need to solve this
  4. This also happened to me now. On date 16 december 2028. The save wont load showed in middle when im starting match. Thanks
  5. Sorry i cant give u my save i dont online from pc. Yes, it because my first time play in Carabao Cup Semifinal and this happen. Last seasons i never reach semifinal.
  6. I have play until seasons 2025/2026 and i find a bug that 3matchs in 3days on 26th,27th and 28th December 2025. Picture attached. You can see the date of Norwich, Aston Villa and Hull.
  7. Hello, Im just lost my iPad Air 2. Im playing FMT2018 on there and going to 2025 bring Boston United from Vanarama South to League One within 6/7years. I also login my steam account and ask me to cross save before but i never uploud my files. It is auto save to steam or not? Thanks.
  8. Hello, im just lost my ipad im playing fmt2018 now on going 2025. It was hard bringing Boston United from Vanarama South to League One. Can I get back my data? Last time i was go to cross save but i dont know it also automatic save to steam or not. Thanks
  9. Indonesia is : Indonesia Liga 1, Liga 2 and Liga 3
  10. Still not yet got injured players, but the autosaves is fixed better! Thanks alot Adam
  11. Thanks for your reply and the new update is awesome with the fix of auto savings ! It save a lot time. Thankyou
  12. As my last thread before new update Im complaining 2bug. 1 is injury , 2 is the goalscorer name didnt show in top after 1st goal(2nd,3rd,4th ++++) I hope you fix this for us. Thanks SI's team.
  13. Just play and 1bug not yet solve. As the title I said. The goalscorer doesnt show in top after 1st goal. The goalscorer is show in top in 1st goal after 1st goal(2nd,3rd,4th +++) it wont show up anymore. Thanks
  14. Just updated. I will report it after i try play around 5days. Thanks for your responds !
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